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Dental Technologies

  • 3D CT Scan

    BIDC is one of the few dental clinics in Bangkok with its own CT Scan machine on-site at BIDC building enable faster treatment diagnoses without the need of being referred to a secondary x-ray center.

  • Dental Implant Technologies

    A dental implant is a prosthetic device, made of titanium or Roxolid, which is implanted beneath the oral tissues and within the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable prosthesis. If properly care for, many years of successful use of the dental implant can be expected.

  • Dental Laboratories in Thailand

    Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the few dental clinics in Bangkok with dedicated dentist laboratories within its building. BIDC's on-site dental laboratories specializes in aesthetic ceramics for porcelain veneers, crowns, bridge, inlays and onlays work as well as for prosthetics works on dental implants including dental implant crowns and bridges.

  • Dental Technologies

    Dental technologies around the world are evolving and continously improving, making dental treatments quicker, more effective and more comfortable. At BIDC dental clinics, technological advances are adapted based on global innovations and professional driven developments in dental techniques as well as materials.

  • Dental Units

    We keep our patient's comfort in mind as well as cleanliness and sterilization on the selection of dental chairs and units chosen at our clinic. All dental units selected at BIDC are recommended units with zero suckback system and high powered suction in ensuring patient safety standards. Our dental units are from renowned manufacturers, namely

  • Endodontic Technologies

    The OPMI Pico is a microscope that has been developed exclusively for applications in microdentistry by Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH. The new patented microscopic lens allows crisp, razor-sharp images with outstanding contrast and impressive stereoscopic relief.

  • Fillings Technologies

    Clinical handpieces are used for fillings treatment and in general dentistry. At BIDC dental clinics, our dental center uses clinical handpieces that focuses on infection control, autoclavity and sterilization.

  • Intra-Oral Camera

    In dentistry, numerous daily activities require magnification glasses or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the areas requiring treatment. The intra oral camera allows dentists precision during diagnoses and clearer treatment mico imaging for proper treatments.

  • Laser Systems

    Laser Systems are applied to a variety of dental treatments including teeth whitening and periodontal treatments. Laser system used at BIDC include LaserSmile from Biolase.

  • Orthodontic Technologies

    During the last decade, the specialty of orthodontics has undergone a technological revolution. New materials and techniques are constanlty being developed that can make braces less noticeable, improve patient comfort and, in some cases, reduce treatment time and help control costs.

  • Scaling & Airflow

    Doing teeth cleaning and scaling at BIDC is no longer a scary and uncomfortable process. The EMS Piezon technology uses airflow in making procedure for the removal of calculus (tartar) more comfortable for the patient with the use of waterspray and air.

  • Sterilization Equipments

    BIDC carries a variety of the most advance sterilization machines and equipments in protecting the safety of our patients: Pre-vaccummed Autoclave Unit for Dental Instruments

  • Sterilization Indicators

    BIDC takes an additional infection control and sterilizations is of top priority. Sterilization indicators are used to test the effectiveness of sterilization efforts. In addition to conventional dental sterilization equipments, BIDC takes an ddtional step as part of our strict sterilization standards to use sterilization indicators including labelling expiry dates, chemical indicators and biological indicators. Steriliation indicators are additional steps beyond required local standards are performed in double-checking our infection prevention and control as well as patient safety.

  • X-ray Machines

    With today's advancement in digital x-rays systems, radiation dosage exposure to patients is now dramatically reduced to extermely low levels compared to conventional film x-rays. Digital x-rays not only benefits the patient safety but enables clearer and sharper imaging to be done.