About us


About Us

BIDC Vision
Picture showing Bangkok International Dental Center's professionalism and caring, as stated in our vision

"To be the Leading International Dental Center in AEC providing Professional Dental Services with Quality Care to our Patients."

BIDC Motto
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B uilding Beautiful Smiles
I nternational Standards and Relations
D ental Professionalism 
C are and Compassion


BIDC Mission Statements

 Our Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is a dedicated dental center with simple objectives:
1) Professionalism in Code of Conduct
2) International Standards
3) Quality care of Patients with Compassion

Professionalism in Code of Conduct

Our team strives to ensure that our patient receives individualized and comprehensive care with professionalism.
Our policies and control checks are set to provide transparency. We believe in taking the time to educate each of patient on their options and setting realistic targets. Our dental specialists and dentists are a selected group of qualified and skilled individuals chosen to treat our patients in their specific field of expertises.
A hoslistic approach is taken to ensure that our patients are properly and professionally treated. As with all our treatments, our team takes into considerations the patients long-term prognosis.
At our dental centre, we pride ourselves on our experienced as well as highly qualified team of dental specialists or dentists graduated from top universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and locally. Over 50% of our dental specialists are graudates from overseas and are experienced individuals each specializing in their own area of specialities.

International Standards

Compliance with international standard are emphasized and the latest in dental technology as well as process management are utilized to streamline patient process. BIDC is equipped with the latest modern equipments to support our doctors as well as to ensure high standards of sterilisation and cleanliness.
Sterilization is an important factor to us. Please feel free to read more about our sterilization technologies.

 Quality Care of Patients with Compassion

Each patient is treated with care. Our staff are selectively chosen. They undergo training courses and performance evaluations for continous updates in knowledge on the latest developments as well as for ongoing improvements in providing our patients with the good service levels.
The fact that our patients referes their relaties, friends and acquaintances is an endorsement of the professional service and standards received at BIDC.


Award-winning Dental Center in Thailand

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is an award-winning dental center in Thailand with establised accomplishments on outstanding dental service provisions, quality assurance and in the areas of patient safety.

BIDC dental clinic has been a leading dental clinic in Thailand servicing international patients, expatriates and dental tourists since its establishment for the past decade. The dental center is honored to be amongsts the few medical organizations to be given recognition by the Thai government as providing high quality standards dental services.

BIDC is a one-stop dental complex complete with a dental clinic with advanced technologies, over 20 treatments rooms, a dedicated on-site dental laboratory as well as a 30 room boutique hotel, banking facilities, restuarants in servicing the international community. Its team of over 70 dentists and dental specialists are mostly graduates from overseas universities providing professional and properly treatments to patients.