Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Home Bleaching


What are custom fitted bleaching trays and how imporant are they to be custom fitted?

Having a tray that fits snuggly on your teeth is essential to assure proper home bleaching and consistent results. Custom trays ensures comfort and enables less gel to be used. A clear, flexible tray produced at the dental office fits comfortably over the teeth and holds the whitening gel in place.


Is it safe to bleach my teeth professionally at home?

Many dentists consider home bleaching whitening process a safe cosmetic procedure if following given instructions with a pre-check on the suitability of teeth whitening for your case. Professional tooth whitening has been used effectively on healthy teeth since 1986 with no apparent risks. Teeth bleaching gel is not intended to be in contact with the gums. It is very thus important that instructions are followed carefully.


How long does Home Bleaching Last?

Tooth Whitening is not permanent. The length of time that home bleaching or in-office bleaching lasts is dependent on many factors including your diet, the original colour of your teeth, and each individual tooth's ability to absorb the bleaching products.


Does a special whitening toothpaste really lighten teeth?

Most "whitening toothpastes" remove some surface stains, but they will not bleach the teeth as effectively. Also, some whitening toothpastes may have harmful abrasives that can wear away tooth structure over time.


What about bleaching kits available at the store?

Ready made bleaching kits available over the counter or known as OTC kits do not have well fitting trays and the gel is a weak solution as compared to the one provided by your dentist. So the whitening of the teeth is not as effective.

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