Patient Information


The Care you Receive

BIDC and its thailand dental clinics is a leading provider for dental services and Straumann dental implants as well as a top provider for BriteSmile teeth whitening. As a dental specialists center, procedures including all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implant surgery, detailed root canal treatments using endodontic microscope as well as aesthetically challenging full mouth rehabilitation cases are done at BIDC.

Because of our reputation and strong relationship with dental suppliers in Thailand, this enables us to bring the latest technologies to our Thailand facilities so that patients can benefit from new developments. We treat patients from Thailand and all over the world. We deliver privacy, respect, comfort, cleanliness and quality treatment.


BIDC Scope of Service

BIDC is a private organization providing dental treatment service. For patients 3 to 12 years of age, root canal treatment and prosthetics on primary teeth is not done. BIDC does not treat TMD (Temporal Mandibular Disease).

Types of Patients not included in the scope of dental services at BIDC:

  1. Children less than 3 years of age
  2. Patients that need restrain
  3. Patients with severe mental disabilities
  4. End-of-life patients and terminally ill patients
  5. Patients that need blood or intra venous fluid during treatment 
  6. Patients that need another medical specialists during treatment including patients still receiving chemo or radiation therapy
  7. Patients that needs general anesthesiologist and operating theater for patients requiring moderate to deep sedation e.g. Orthognatic Surgery 
  8. Patients between 3 to 12 requiring root canal treatment and/or prosthetic on primary teeth
  9. Patients requiring treatment of Temporal Mandibular Disease

Patients not within in the scope of dental services of BIDC are referred to an alternate dental care facility.


Thailand Patient Bills of Rights

The Thai law's Patient Bill of Rights enforced by the Medical Council protects all patients in Thailand. When considering any overseas treatment it is important to understand that any legal disputes (either medical care or commercial) concerning your care will be decided in the country of treatment, not your country of origin or citizenship.

  1. Every patient has the basic rights to receive health service as have been legally enacted in the Thai Constitution BE 2540.
  2. The patient is entitled to receive full medical services regardless of their status, race, nationality, religion, social standing, political affiliation, sex, age and the nature of their illness from their medical practitioner.
  3. Patients who seek medical services have the rights to receive their complete current information in order to thoroughly understand about their illness from their medical practitioner. Furthermore, the patient can either voluntarily consent or refuse treatment from the medical practitioner treating him/her except in case of emergency or life threatening situation.
  4. Patients at risk, in critical condition or near death, are entitled to receive urgent and immediate relief from their medical practitioner as necessary, regardless of whether the patient requests assistance or not.
  5. The patient has the right to know the name-surname and the specialty of the practitioner under whose care he/she is in.
  6. It is the right of the patient to request a second opinion from other medical practitioner in other specialties, who is not involved in the immediate care of him/her, as well as the right to change the place of medical service or treatment, as requested by the patient, without prejudice.
  7. The patient has the rights to expect that their personal information are kept confidential by the medical practitioner, the only exception being in case with the consent of the patient or due to legal obligation.
  8. The patient is entitled to demand complete current information regarding his/her role in the research and the risks involved, in order to make decision to participate in/or withdraw from the medical research being carried out by their health care provider.
  9. The patient has the right to know or demand full and current information about their medical treatment as appeared in the medical record as requested. With respect to this, the information obtained must not infringe upon other individual's rights.
  10. The father/mother or legal representative may use their rights in place of a child under the age of eighteen or who is physically or mentally handicapped wherein they could not exercise their own rights.


Patient Rights and Responsibilities

1. Patient clairies any unclear communications before signing consent to receive treatments

2. Patient fully discloses important health information to the best of knowledge and ability.

3, Patient fully co-operates on instructions by medical provider according to healthcare policy and legislation and inform provider if unable to do so.

4. Patients respect staff and other patients within the facility

5. Patient respect the provider's policies and procedures related to smoking, infection prevention & control and environmental care.

6. Patient follows self-care instructions on medication taking and appointments