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Nobel Biocare

With a 40-year heritage , Nobel Biocare has one of the longest standing history of original scientific research and innovation in restorative and esthetic dentistry. Built upon Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s foundation of modern implant dentistry, Nobel Biocare has introduced numerous advanced restorative and esthetic dental solutions. Nobel Biocare Holding AG is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.


Nobel Biocare carries a variety of dental implant systems including:

NobelActive Implants
Nobel Active
NobelActive implants have an expanding tapered implant body with double-lead thread design condenses bone gradually. The apex with drilling blades enables a smaller osteotomy and its unique features to preserve the biology of marginal hard and soft tissues. NobelActive implants has an unique oxidized TiUnite surface with grooves (Groovy), which increases implant stability through faster bone formation and ensures long-term success.
NobelReplace and Replace Select Implants
Nobel Replace Select
NobelReplace and Replace Select is an established and easy-to-use implant system. NobelReplace implant's original tapered implant mimicks the shape of a natural tooth root that allows for high initial stability even in certain compromised bone situations. Nobel Biocare's Replace Select range includes Replace Select Tapered, Replace Select Tapered PMC, NobelReplace Tapered, NobelReplace Platform Shift, NobelReplace Conical Connection and NobelReplace Conical Connection PMC.
Brånemark Implants
The Brånemark implant system is one of th world's most scientifically documented implant system that have been in clinical use for more than 45 years. The Brånemark System are available in lengths from 7 mm (standard implants) to 52.5 mm (zygoma implants). Branemark implants range includes Brånemark System Mk III, Brånemark System Mk IV, Brånemark System Mk III Shorty and Brånemark System Zygoma.
NobelSpeedy Implants
Nobel Speedy
NobelSpeedy has slightly tapered and fully threaded body that is designed to maximize initial stability and to support immediate loading protocols also in soft bone by following short drilling protocols.


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