Bone Level Implants

The Straumann® Bone Level Implant provides you with a solution for all bone level treatments. The Bone Level implant design is based on the latest technology and scientific know-how in implant dentistry respecting key biological principles, whilst facilitating predictable esthetic results and offering straightforward handling in all types of indications.


Soft Tissue Level Implants
Bone Level Implants
Straumann Implants Straumann Bone Level


The Straumann® Bone Level Implant:

  1. provides surgical and restorative simplicity for all kinds of indications
  2. enables secure component positioning
  3. supports bone preservation that enables predictable aesthetic results

The Straumann® Bone Level Implants have a cylindrical outer contour, apical region and a sligh conical shape in the coronal part of the implant. The Bone Level implant features a thread to the top enabling extensive interlocking with the bone. This specific Bone Level implant design thus allows excellent primary stability in various types of case indications.


CrossFit™ Connection

The Straumann® Bone Level implants feature the CrossFit™ Connection. This means that the Bone Level implant system combines the benefits of the Morse Taper connection with the connection needs located at bone level.


The built-in self-guiding internal prosthetic connection of the Straumann® Bone Level provides an optimized design for long-term mechanical stability under all loading conditions and ensures an exact fit between implant post and abutment. The shape of the internal dental implant cone of 15 degrees as wel as added internal grooves allows for greater flexibility in prosthetic treatments, precise positioning of prosthetic components and more natural aesthetics.


Soft Tissue Management and Esthetics

The Straumann® Bone Level Implant range emphasizes on aesthetic considerations. Its individualized range of components provides solutions that allow for natural soft tissue shaping and maintenance in all indications even during the osseointegration period with components such as:

  1. Closure Screw : that secures the closing of the implant during submerged healing and allows additional height for deeply set implants
  2. Healing abutment : its prefabricated components allows simple and reliable soft tissue management and utilizes advanced soft tissue forming technologies; it is emergence profiles consistent with secondary components
  3. Customizable healing abutment : made of polymer material for easy chair-side modification and gingiva coloring for esthetic appearance


Prosthetics Bone Level

The Straumann® Bone Level Implant has various abutments types including anatomic abutments, gold abutments, cementable abutments, multi-base abutments for its crown/bridges prosthetic solutions.


For full arch implant supported prosthetics, the Straumann® implant system provides solutions including the self-aligning LOCATOR® that permits easy positioning of the denture and an effective one piece abutment bar abutment that offers the possibility to produce simple bar borne restorations.


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