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On-Site Dental Lab

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the few dental clinics in Bangkok with dedicated outsourced dental lab within its dental building. BIDC’s on-site dental laboratory specializes in aesthetic ceramics for porcelain veneers, crowns, bridge, inlays and onlays work as well as for prostheses over dental implants

Located on the sixth floor of BIDC dental center, teeth works are made by experienced lab technicians after your prosthodontist or aesthetic dentist takes an impression of your teeth. BIDC’s dental lab is fully digitalized and we are one of the first in Thailand using  stream-lined digital dentistry process for tooth crowns and veneers. Your dentist uses a digital intra-oral scanner for impression take and files are instantly sent to our dental lab whereby our lab technicians uses computer software to design your teeth works in precision margins.  

On-site Dental Lab 

Our digital dental labs at BIDC uses the advance CAM/CAD computerized Lava Scan and digital milling machine for precise color shade selection and milling. Therefore, your porcelain veneers, crowns or bridges are fabricated in detail with precision and digitally. 

Our digital dental lab is one of the few in Bangkok that does Digital Smile Design (DSD) for smile makeover. Each individual tooth is thereafter customized for you and an experienced skilled lab technician carefully applies layering of translucency to each tooth for natural-looking aesthetics.

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Benefits of BIDC's In-house Dental Laboratory

  • Immediate chairside shade selection for porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays available
  • Immediate or quicker shade adjustments relative to other clinics
  • more precision as digital scans and digital mills are used to fabricate the marginal fit of the prostheses dental works
  • high quality standards checks and controls
  • faster turnover time and logistic time for dental works
  • faster delivery of aesthetic prosthesis work and thereafter more effective and quicker treatment time
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Dental Laboratory Technologies

Computerized guided design software and the advanced press and milling machines are utilized to produce detailed teeth works. At BIDC building, a lab technician is located on-site allowing the additional human touch for any color shade adjustments and changes to speed up and control the aesthetic aspect of ceramic veneers, crowns and bridge. 

Having a skilled artistic lab technician is important in getting an overall natural-aestthetics because your technician adds transluency layering and adjusts teeth color and shine to match with your existing teeth shades and look. BIDC dental labs has experienced technicians with over 20 years of experiences.

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Digital Dental Lab
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