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Sterilization Indicators

BIDC has always taken dental sterilizations is of top priority. Our dental center goes beyond the required requirements infection prevention and controls. Sterilization indicators are used to test the effectiveness of sterilization efforts. In addition to conventional dental sterilization equipment, as part of our strict sterilization standards, our dental clinic uses sterilization indicators. 

Sterilization indicators double checks our sterilization efforts and infection prevention and control plan. Types of sterilization indicators at our dental center are as below. 

  1. Chemical Monitoring Indicators
  2. Biological Monitoring Indicators

1. Chemical Monitoring System by 3M SteriGage

An autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and instruments. Its purpose is to inactivate all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. BIDC dental center uses the top range hospital-grade autoclave units from Tuttunauer to process its instruments effectively.
Tuttunauer autoclaves have a self-managed micro-processed controller. Therefore, it ensures perfect functioning during autoclaving. Tuttnauer are built to meet the strictest international standards and directives. The autoclave unit has a built-in high volume water-ring vacuum-pump that produces a deep vacuum for fast and efficient air removal. This new pre-vacuumed technology completely sterilizes instruments reliably and consistently. After autoclaving, all our instruments are protectively vacuumed packaged until required. 

The autoclave machine generates readouts for each batch. Staff at our dental supply department monitor these readouts to each that each viewpacks reaches the required steam temperature levels. 

dental sterilization

2. Biological Monitoring System by 3M Attest Sterilization

Chemical indicators checks that sterilization machines used to autoclave instruments and equipments are effective on steam sterilization. BIDC dental center goes beyond addtional steps to attain the highest level of sterilization verification with biological monitoring. 
Biological monitoring systems double verify sterilization efforts.  Simply having pressure-steam autoclaves does not garanteed total sterilization. Chemical indicators test to a certain extent that high temperature autoclave has occured. Only with biological test indicators, do we verify on biological evidence that all micro-organisms are inactive.

BIDC uses the advance biological sterilization indicator verification system called 3M Attest to monitor, test and verify the effectiveness of our sterilization efforts and processes on critical items. The 3M Attest sterilization is a proven and reliable system. It has a track record of over 20 year historyused to verify the effectiveness of sterilization efforts globally.
Biological indicators are the only method that can indicate a sterilization process was effective and spores were indeed killed. A nonpathogenic but highly resistant spore, geobacillus sterothermophilus is used to provide a maximum challenge to the steam sterilization process.

sterilization indicator 3M Attest
3M attest system

Benefits of the 3M Attest system biological monitoring system include:

  • Self-contained biological indicators.
  • Design provides a maximum challenge to various steam sterilization cycles.
  • A spore burden beyond the average bioburden (germ count) provides an extra margin of safety.
  • Optimized media promote rapid growth of spores.
  • Definitive color change of the media indicates sterilization process ineffectiveness.
  • The 3M Rapid Attest enables quick verification time of just 3 hours versus a 24 hours (1261), 48 hours (1262) or other one-week mail-in services.

Dental Sterilization

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