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Dental Units

At our Thailand dental center, BIDC keeps our patient’s comfort in mind as well as cleanliness and sterilization when we select our dental chairs and units. All dental chair installed has zero suckback system and high-powered suction within its units to ensure high patient safety standards. Our dental units are from renowned manufacturers, namely:

  1. Anthos
  2. Planmeca

1. Anthos Dental Units

The majority of dental chairs at BIDC’s thailand dental center composes of Anthos dental units. Anthos units are  chic and elegantly designed that gives patients maximum comfort while providing 360 degrees protection. The European designed high-range Anthos dental chairs takes into account aspects related to active hygiene and passive hygiene.

The Anthos dental unit boast several benefits:

  • Materials within the unit are ideal for cleaning and hygiene protocols.
  • It features systems which prevent, at its source the emergence of contamination problems.
  • The units facilitates daily hygiene and safety procedures.
  • A modern system ensures it complies with international standards with standards of infection controls.

U.V. System

Anthos dental units has a  ultra-violet system. An ultra-violet lamp is positioned at the system water infeed to eliminate 99.99% of the microbial content originating in the system. This operation is used for water for dynamic instruments and the cup

The Anthos chairs have built-in safety systems that prevents micro-organism contamination.

dental unit anthos

O.D.R. Out Drop No-Retraction System

The ODR system prevents spray backs. Re-aspiration of fluids in the system outfeed is a source of contamination. Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi can then travel inside the dental unit water pipes and contaminate the entire machine. To avoid re-aspiration after use, the dental unit has a device that blocks re-aspiration. An air jet emits in the opposite direction to eliminate the last drop when work session is finished.

Anthos units have ultra-violet filter system to eliminate microbial content.

Simplified Disinfection and Hygiene System

Within the anthos dental unit design, there are designed systems that disinfects and cleans the unit automatically. The A.H.S. Automatic Sanitasing System continously and automatically sanitasing system. The W.C.S. Water Cleaning System is a system that rinses the ducts. And the A.W.S. Automatic Wash Suction is a suction system device that carry out rapid cycle to clean and disinfect the suction tubes and canister.

Anthos units has W.H.E. systems that is a certified continuous disinfection system. It prevents the backflow contamination of the dental unit water supply and compies with the European EN 1717 standards.

dental unit anthos safety

Active hygiene system in Anthos disinfects unit and protects patients

Water Clean System

Water quality differs greatly from one place to another. To attempt to efficiently protect patients regardless country or region, Anthos dental inits are fitted with disinfection systems for the water used in the patient’s oral cavity. This avoid the involuntary transfer of infection to patients.

2. Planmeca Dental Units

At BIDC, our Thailand dental center also uses Planmeca dental units. The Planmeca Sovereign is an award-winning sophisticated engineered dental unit with the latest technology. The unique upright chair position is ideal for dental treatments performed with the patient seated, such as prosthodontics and orthodontics. With the patient seated, correct jaw lines enable easy access to the treatment area.

Planmeca Sovereign has a special motorised backrest that adjusts to optimally position patients of all sizes. Available only on Planmeca Sovereign, this innovative feature guarantees the best possible comfort for the patient and an optimal working ergonomics for the dental team. Infection control and clean water incorporated in its design is as essential elements in the planmeca product design and development.

Consistent Clean Water

The Planmeca has an advanced water treatment solution. This guarantees that all water entering the patient’s mouth is clean and ensures a safe environment for both patient and dental team. The highly automated Planmeca Waterline Cleaning System™ efficiently removes the microbial biofilm is from the dental unit’s waterlines.

Clean Suction Tubes

Planmeca has an innovative suction tube cleaning system that guarantees the suction system functions effectively to ensure a safe treatment environment.

External Infection Control

The smooth, uniform surfaces of Planmeca dental units make cleaning easy. Therefore it allows impeccable external infection control. The powder-coated epoxy surfaces are extremely resistant to cleaning agents. All critical components can be autoclaved. Its bowl can be detached for easy cleaning.

Automated Flushing Cycles

The Planmeca dental units has simple flushing cycles option. Fully automated waterline flushing cycles ensures that water inside the dental unit is always fresh.

Dental unit
dental cleanliness
reducing bacteria gargle
  • Infection control and clean water system are incorporate in Planmeca dental units
  • Sunction tubes contains cleaning system to prevent micro-organism contamination
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