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Digital Dentistry

With advance in digitalization, dental treatments is now more precise, faster and less invasive. BIDC is at the fore-front on the use of digital dentistry that include the use of various technologies from start to end of your dental treatment process.

  1. Digital Intraoral Camera for Treatment Diagnoses and Plan
  2. Digital Imaging with 3D Digital CT Scan and Digitalized X-rays Systems
  3. Digital Scanners and Impression
  4. Digital Surgical Guide for Dental Implants
  5. Digital Smile Design for Veneers and Crowns
  6. Digitalized Dental Lab with 3D CAD/CAM Milling and Fabrication  

Digital Intra-Oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras allows you and your dentist to zoom in on surface areas during treatment diagnoses and planning. Macro vision imaging with intra-oral cameras assists dentists to see a cavity preparation and teeth surface on micro-fissures or cervical lesions.

Intra-oral Cameras

Digital Imaging

In order to check, detect and further investigates areas of concern below your teeth and gums, 3D digital CT Scan and digitalized x-rays takes images to view infections and issues for proper diagnoses and to draw up a treatment plan. Advance digital imaging gives increased minutest detail and distortion-free 3D reconstructions as compared to conventional film x-ray.

เครื่อง 3D CT Scan
3D CT Scans
bangkok dental center x-ray
Digital X-rays

Digital Scanners and Digital Impression

Digital scanners are devices that take images and scans your teeth. So instead of conventional impression take with mouth mold that needs to be mixed, digital scanners instantly captures your teeth impression. The scanned file images can then be sent directly to the dental laboratory to have prostheses crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures designed or overseas dental lab for computerized invisalign clear aligners. Digital scanners are part of CAD/CAM process.

Digital scanning systems used at BIDC include below.

  1. Planmeca Emerald S
  2. iTero 
  3. 3Shape

Planmeca Emerald S Digital Scanner

The Emerald™ S by Planmeca the latest version of intraoral scanner. It has new diagnostic capabilities capturing images at hyper-speed with improved usability. The scanner captures digital impressions in vivid and lifelike colors with precision for predictable results. It is suited for all types of intraoral scanning as it is able to reach both posterior and capture interproximal areas. The later generation on intraoral scanners provide for easier and smoother imaging in less than a minute. There are shade assistant features to help lab your prosthodontist and lab technicians detect the right tooth shade.

The Emerald digital scanners is used in digital smile design (DSD) smile makeover treatments, restorative dentistry on crowns, bridges and implant prostheses

planmeca digital scan
Best Thailand Dentists

iTero Digital Scanner

iTero digital scanners is the default image capturing system commonly used during invisalign treatment. Backed by Align techologies, iTero digital scans has function to automatically link and submit to invisalign laboratories in the USA. The digital scan impression of your teeth processes to the invisalign computerized clinical check treatment planning system. iTero shortens the wait time for invisalign aligners treatment for faster treatment completion start to finish. There is no need to wait for physical moulds to arrive at an overses invisalign lab for design and fabrications of the clear aligner trays. 

itero invisalign

3Shape Digital Scanner

3Shape Trios digital impression is a intraoral scanner and impression taking device that captures and sends imaging data to the dental laboratories namely for crowns and prostheses. The digital teeth impressiondigital scans is fed directly into CAD/CAM systems of our dental laboratory. Your lab technician designs the prosthese (false teeth) directly on their computerized system. Upon approval with your prosthodontist on prosthetic design, a digital milling machines cuts and makes the veneers, crowns, bridge or dentures.  


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3D Digital Surgical Guide

Digital imaging and CT Scans enables implantologists to view jaw bone depth and height. For dental implant treatments, BIDC also uses 3D surgical guide technologies. Digital  surgical guide assists implantologists to plan and position implant posts placement. They can also pre-construct prosthetics over implants. Prostheses are determined during the beginning implant surgery stage with digital guide to ensures a smoother implant process with expected aesthetics end results and precision fit.

vpe screenshot

3D Digital Surgical Guide

Digital Smile utilizes computer aided planning and simulation software with photography and videography to personalized and fabricated your smile. You are therefore able to see view in advance using computer simulations how your veneers or crowns will look like completion.  

Veneers dental clinic
Smile Design

Digital Digital Lab

With the digital dentistry concept, your dentists does diagnoses with x-rays and uses digital scanners to take impression images of your teeth requiring prostheses. These digital scans are simulated as implant guides or smile design for you to confirm you as a patient to confirm post treatment results. Thereafter, the digital scans are sent to our digital lab that uses Computer-aided milling to fabricated your prostheses (veneers, crowns or bridges) exactly as what you see on simulated software.

BIDC is one of the few dental clinics with fully digitalized lab from start to finish. Computerized milling machines with the designed of our skilled lab technicians cuts and fabricates your new teeth. After milling is complete, our lab technicians carefully adds on layering and aesthetics color to provide you with the final natural-looking new teeth.

Digital Dental Lab
Digital Dental Lab
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