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Endodontics Equipments

Advances in technology now enables root canal treatments to be more accurate, precise and successful:

  1. Endodontic Microscopes
  2. Root Locator
  3. Endodontic Micromotor
  4. Endodontic Obturation System
Bangkok Dental Endodontics

1. Endodontic Microscope OPMI

The OPMI Pico is a microscope developed exclusively for applications in micro-dentistry by Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH. The new patented microscopic lens allows crisp, razor-sharp images with outstanding contrast and impressive stereoscopic relief.

The ultramodern technology incorporates fiber optic illumination. This guarantees a totally homogeneous field of illumination with unparalleled intensity 5 magnification steps from low-power viewing to examination of even the smallest detail. High-intensity, cold light illumination allows viewing of deep, narrow root canals that is especially useful for complicated root canal treatments.

Integrated filters on the OPMI endodontic microscope extends the possible range of applications by adding coloration for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Green filters enhances the contrast of tissue with a strong blood flows. Whilst orange filter prevents premature hardening of composite filling materials.

Clear and Accurate Microscope by Carl Zesis

endodontics OPMI

The patented Carl Zesis lens allows crisp, razor-sharp images with outstanding contrast and vieiwing when performing narrow microdentistry treatments such as root canal treatments.

2. Root Apex Locator

The root apex locator aids endodontists in defining the length of the teeth. At BIDC endodontic clinic, the ROOT ZX from J Morita Corporation is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device. This apex locator provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions.

ROOT ZX’s advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp. The microprocessor also calibrates ROOT ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. These features and more make ROOT ZX one of the most highly rated root canal length measuring devices on the market.

Independent evaluation shows that the Root ZX unit provides the same, proven accuracy rate of 97.5%. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water, or hydrogen peroxide.

Root Apex Locator

endodontics root apex locator

The root locator unit aids in defining tooth root length for safe endoddontic treatments

3. Endodontic Micromotor

The Endo-Mate DT from NSK is a device that drills and measures the rotation speed and torque levels during root canal treatments.

An autoreverse function activates when the present torque level is exceeded. The motor reacts when load reaches the preset level of torque. Endo-Mate’s torque control system combined with the apex locator allows your endodontist to perform safer and more accurate root canal preparation.

The Endomate device has components that are detachable for autoclaving. Therefore, allows for sterilization and safe hygiene. At BIDC endodontics clinic, we chose devices that takes into consideration on sterilization focuses.

Endodontics Micromotor

endodontics micromotor

Endomate Micromotor measures torque levels and rotation speed

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4. Endodontic Obturation System

BIDC uses the endodontic obturation system called the System B™ Endodontic Cordless Obturation System by Sybron Endo from Kerr Dental for its endodontic treatments. 

The Sybron System B Obturation system is cordless and enables ease of use for warm vertical and backfill obturation. With the versatile system, endodontics procedures can be performed without restrictions. There is a 360° one-touch activation feature that heats and cools almost instantly for optimal safety, accessibility and control.

Endodontics Obturation System

endodontics sybronendo

SystemB systems allows for controlled extrusion or traditional gutta percha

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