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Intra-Oral Cameras

In dentistry, numerous daily activities require magnification glasses or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the areas requiring treatment. The intraoral camera allows dentists this precision during dental checkup and diagnoses. It provides for clearer micro-imaging for proper treatment diagnoses and planning.

Intra-Oral Camera for Macro Vision Diagnoses

BIDC uses advanced intraoral cameras by Acteon. The Sopro 717 First allows you to go beyond the limits of human vision while casting off bulky accessories. Macro Vision enables dentists to film a cavity preparation, make a surface state, acquire images of micro-fissures and cervical lesions. The of the SOPRO devices gives exceptional image quality.

intra oral camera macro

Amalgam Filling Seal

intra oral camera

Infiltration of Metallic Ions

oral camera macro

Cerival Lesion

Infiltrated Occlusal Groove

Infiltrated Occlusal Groove

Furthermore, the slender design of the intraoral camera gives unique comfort whilst in the patient’s mouth. The focusing ring of the SOPRO imaing device allows great depth of field. Whatever the operating mode – extraoral, intraoral and macro, the intraoral camera caters to requirement and can be integrated into all dental units. The intraoral camera enables image magnification of up to 115 times in macro mode beyond the limitations of the human eye.

Intra-oral camera may be used to investigate tooth fillings cavities, lesions around gum margin and within preventive dentistry to check on dental sealants or occlusal grooves. Imaging allows your dentist and you to see and detect potential issues.  Its is a non-invasive method for a closer look at problem areas to x-ray imaging. 

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