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Tooth Fillings Clinical Handpieces

Tooth fillings are required after cavities or damaged tooth decay has been removed. Technologies used for tooth fillings treatments include:

  1. Clinical Handpieces
  2. Composite Resin Filling Materials

1. Clinical Handpieces

Clinical handpieces are used for tooth fillings treatment within the field of general dentistry. At BIDC dental clinics, we select clinical handpieces that focuses on infection control, autoclavity and sterilization concepts.

Contra angles and straight handpiece by Swiss medical technologies manufacturer, BienAir, are constructed to offer precision, reliability and quiet operation for dental fillings treatments.

DuaLook dual glass rod lighting and three Accu-Spray separate air/water sprays guaranteeing perfect nebulization. The latest developments in Bien-Air contra-angles clinical handpieces incorporate a new shaft and gear system mounted on pre-stressed ball bearings. This offers vibration-free transmission and reduces energy loss. These new Bien-Air shaft and gear systems simultaneously provide outstanding smoothness and improved sensitivity for the comfort of your patients during dental fillings treatments.


The dentist’s movements must be relayed to the patient without interference. Clinical handpiece instruments thus should be as precise as possible. The locking and drive technologies in Bien-Air’s rotary instruments are the most precise on the market. Using Swiss quality procedures, parts are machined to the exact micron, rectified and honed, for enhanced reliability and reduced noise levels. This gives the instruments perfect equilibrium, free from any imbalance or vibration.

fillings bienair accu chuck


Bien-Air engineers has researched to enable superior cooling power of six separate air and water nozzles. With the ACCU-SPRAY system, the air disperses the water to a highly precise point before contact with the bur. The ultra-precise nebulization this provides cools the bur and the dental material as efficiently as possible. It also guarantees perfect visibility of the working area. The separate water and air ducts also prevent blockages

fillings bienair accu spray


Bien-Air is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a push-button bur change mechanism with an anti-heating safety system on its clinical handpieces.. This reduces the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instrument. A tungsten carbide ball is placed between the pushbutton and the top of the housing of the tool’s bur locking mechanism. It absorbs heat in the event of contact when rotating for patients’ safety during dental fillings treatments.

fillings bienair cool touch

Micro Series

The Bien-Air MICRO-SERIES brings together the new range of Bien-Air contra-angles and straight handpieces with the new generation of micromotors with LED light. The handpieces are up to 30 % shorter and 23 % lighter, guaranteeing more precise control, less fatigue and better grip.

tooth fillings technologies

2. Composite Tooth Fillings

In the past, silver colored amalgam fillings are commonly used for tooth fillings. In today’s era, most tooth fillings are now composite resin material based. Composite resins are made from polymers. Resin chemistry and properties developments has made them a material of choice for a wide variety of dental restorations. At BIDC, composites materials include those supplied by 3M Dental.

Advantages of composite resin tooth fillings:

  • Composite fillings are sometimes know as tooth-colored fillings or white fillings. They match teeth color for better overall aesthetics compared amalgam fillings.
  • Less drilling is required for composite tooth fillings as compared to amalgam and other types of fillings. Once the composite bonds with the existing natural tooth, the whole tooth is stronger. 
  • As composites harden quickly, your tooth fillings treatment visit is quicker. After the composite filling is applied, a special light hardens the composite within a few seconds.
  • When compared with other types of fillings, composite resins have fewer occurrences of tooth sensitivity. In general, resin insulates teeth from the hot and cold temperatures of the foods and drinks. 
  • If you composite tooth fillings is accidently chipped or damged, it can be repaired easily.
  • Many individuals replace their metal amalgam to composite resins in reducing the amounts of metals or potential mercury components.
tooth fillings material

Silver Amalgam Fillings

May contain mercury vapours and is visible.


Tooth-colored Composite Resin Fillings

Matches tooth-color shades

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