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Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) has accomplished many FIRSTs as a one of the best dental clinics in Thailand and the Asia pacific region.

  1. The First Joint Commission International JCI accredited (USA Quality & Safety Standards) dental center in Thailand
  2. Our team consists of professional dentists including many American board and internationally certified dental specialists
  3. An award-winning dental group and one of the largest private dental centers. Locations in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang mai.
  4. BIDC dental clinics are equipped with advanced dental technologies
  5. Treatment fees are of standardized pricings. We focus on sterilization, treatment quality patient safety standards.

All of BIDC team of dentists are fully licensed by the Thai Dental Council to practice dentistry within Thailand. Many of our dental specialists are board certified in their area of specialty locally or from the USA, Australia or Europe.

Team of Professional Certified Dentists

Our team of dentists are assigned privileges. Each dentists is credentialed to perform only specified areas of dental treatments based on their qualifications and expertise. This ensures to our patients that they are proper treated by qualified dentists who has been reviewed and evaluated. Dentists’ privileges are re-reviewed every three years. Our Thailand dental center verifies the education certificate of our dentists from primary source. 

BIDC is one of the few dental clinics with registered nurses caring for the health and dental treatment needs of our patients. Our nurses are verified to have undergone and passed nursing certification exams to practice in Thailand. Nurses are re-certified at every 5 years and nurses at BIDC receive English language training and ongoing continuing training and education in caring and ensuring patient safety.

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  • All our dental implants cases are looked after only by professional dental specialists specializing in implantology or prosthodontists. 
  • BIDC’s team of implantologists are graduates from overseas (United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia) that specializes in the field of implantology. Many of them are American board, German board or Thai board certified. 
  • BIDC has the highest concentration of ITI Straumann Fellow scholars within the country. They are international speakers and professors in the field of implantology at their university training other dentists within the country.
  • Our team of well-experienced implantologists has placed and treated thousands of dental implants cases and are full mouth specialists in advance implantology, each with over 10 years of experience in their field.
  • BIDC team of cosmetic dentists are graduates from overseas (United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia) that specializes in the field of aesthetics dentistry on restorative dentistry, operative dentistry and prosthodontics.
  • Our selected cosmetic dentists (prosthodontists, restorative dentist, operative dentists) abides by a code of professionalism.
  • Our team of well-experienced of prosthodontists are a screened and selected group who are verified from source on their qualifications and given privileges to perform aesthetic work
  • Our team of cosmetic dentists has treated major porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges cases with high precision skills many for celebrities around the world
  • BIDC is one of the first in Thailand using advanced Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept matching you’re smile to you’re facial profile and use of well established natural ultra-thin porcelain veneers with possible minimal prep for selected cases.
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Sedation Dentistry | by Alliance Dental Hospital

Sedation Dentistry
  • Reduced Anxiety & Phobia
  • Increased Comfort
  • Strict Hospital-based Standards & Safe Care
  • Licensed Anesthesiologist & Nurses
  • Post-Recovery PACU Units
  • In-Patient Rooms
  • Full Range of Sedation Option applicable to Most Treatments
Total Sleep General Anesthesia
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Why Choose BIDC?
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Leading Tooth Implant Dental Center

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Bangkok International Dental Center is a leading dental implant center in Thailand. BIDC holds record as one of the country’s highest dental implants success rates center as well as having a team of Thailand’s top experienced and well qualified implantologists. BIDC is one of the few dental center with advance implant technlogies for digitalized 3D CT Scan and a dedicated dental implants prostheses lab for customized abutments and all ceramic zirconia crowns. Our Thailand dental clinic is an associate partner for Straumann dental implants. We use American Dental Assoiciation (ADA) approved implant systems that has one of the world’s most established historical success implant rates. BIDC is the first to use Roxolid and Bone Level dental implants in Thailand by our ITI Straumann implantologists.

Top Dental Makeover Cosmetic Center

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BIDC’s skilled team of cosmetic dentists consist of Thailand’s top dental makeover professionals in cosmetic dentistry. Many of BIDC’s resident cosmetic dentists are American board certified. They have been pre-verified and conscientiously selected to restores your smile from single restorations to full mouth rehabilitation. New material developments with IPS Empress Veneers , Super-thin Veneers and All Ceramic Zirconia Crowns and Bridges provides a esthetics and more natural looking teeth.Our Digital Smile Design (DSD)aesthetic dentists uses digital technology to cater to your facila profile. BIDC’s has its dedicated on-site ceramics dental lab to allow for quality controls for immediate shade selection for quick and esthetic treatment timings and results.

Invisible Braces Orthodontics Center

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BIDC’s Orthodontic Center provides the full range of orthodontic treatments with specialization on invisible orthodontic treatment including Invisalign, Clear braces, Lingual braces and Damon braces. Invisible orthodontics are commonly done by celebreities and individual in the lime light that would like to align teeth without seeing the visible appliances. All our orthodontic cases are treated only by orthodontists specialists, many of whom are trained from the USA, UK, Japan. Specified orthodontists specialize further in lingual technique and Invisalign with additional certifications. BIDC is an Invisalign Diamond Provider and Preferred 3M Unitek Clarity Provider.

Dental Cases on Before and After Photos @BIDC Dental

crowns dental cases

Dental Makeover

Crowns and veneers used to lengthen teeth and change teeth shape to close gaps in teeth.

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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers covers irregularities in teeth and lenghten teeth for better symmetry.

gums treatment dental cases

Gums Surgery

Gingivectomy and crown-lengthening re-counters gums to make teeth looks longer without veneers or crowns.

Digital Smile

Digital Smile

Using digitalized technologies and porcelain veneers, smile is transformed for better shape and color.

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Porcelain crowns re-shapes teeth and color.

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Single Missing Tooth

Placement of a single dental implant post with a crown over implant.

Multiple Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing Teeth

Placement of 2 single dental implant crown in areas with missing teeth.

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Multiple Missing Teeth

Placement of several dental implant posts with bridges to replace several missing teeth in a row. This reduces the number of required implants for multiple missing gaps.

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Implant Dentures

For individuals with no teeth on jaw. 2 to 4 implants may be placed as retention anchorage. A removable full denture is securely snapped over the implants posts.

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Individuals with no teeth or soon-to-be endentulous jaw may opt for immediate function implants. Teeth are removal and 4 to 6 implants is embedded during the same surgical visit. A full denture (sometimes called hybrid bridge or hybrid denture) is fixed over the implants posts.

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Instead of using 4 implants, 5 or 6 implants may be placed. Thereafter a hybrid bridge or hybrid denture placed over the implants to replace full jaw missing teeth.

Cases Invisalign


case non surgical orthodontics

non surgical orthodontics

Invisalign Cases


case orthognatic surgery

orthognatic surgery

Invisalign Before and After Cases


** Please note that cases are for illustrative sample reference only. These cases have been treated by our dentists for our patients.

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“I came in for an All-on-6 and a whole branch of crowns for the upper part. Even within the covd period, for foreign visitors anywhere, do not hesitate to come here. They are absolutely the most professional people I never met. ”

“ I’ve been to BIDC 10 years ago. I just returned to have a crown and root canal treatment done on one of my teeth the service has been excellent as it was 10 years ago. the staff and dentists very professional, very friendly and I’d recommend BIDC to anybody that I speak with”

“ My treatment for absolutely beautiful for dental crowns. Doctor’s here are amazing they are super professional, so kind and my doctor was just perfect.”

“Hi, my name is Chris Smith. I come from Melbourne Australia. Today I’m standing in the middle of Bangkok at the BIDC. I’ve been coming here for many years and did many treatments. So I’ve planned my holiday around coming here to get my teeth done and seeting alittle bit of Thailand. ”


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