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Dental Sterilization

  • Dental Technologies

    Dental technologies used at BIDC dental clinics are kept up-to-date with the latest development based on global innovations and professional driven developments. Dental equipments used include x-ray machines, CT Scan, sterilization units, dental implant and orthodontic diagnostic and innovations.

  • Infection Prevention and Controls

    Infection prevention and control of contagious disease including Coronavirus COVID-19, flu, SARS, MERS are consistently checked and controled at BIDC dental clinic for our patient safety. Our thailand dental clinic uses American Joint Comission International guidelines, American Dental Assoiciation and evident-based protocols by the CDC and WHO within our policies and standards. We take preventive and precautionary measures to minimize the risks of  viral and bacteria spread consistently and daily.

  • Sterilization Equipments

    BIDC dental hospital utilizes a number of advance sterilization machines and equipments within its dental sterilization processes. Machines include industrial based pre-vaccummed autoclave unit, special clinical handpiece autoclave, maintenance units amongst other machines to maintain its dental instruments and equipment.

  • Sterilization Indicators

    BIDC focuses on infection control and sterilizations of utmost importance. Our dental clinic in thailand uses chemical and biological sterilization indicators to test the effectiveness of our sterilization efforts.Our individual sterilized packs include labels with batch and expiry dates. Double-checking efforts are done within BIDC infection prevention and control systems.