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Dental Tourism and Medical Alliances

Medical tourism refers to the movement of patients to another nation bypassing medical services offered in their own countries. With globalisation and increased technological advancement and flow, medical tourism has shifted from the traditional model of international medical travel where patients generally journey to major medical centers for medical treatment that is not offered in their own communities.

In Asia and Pacific, Thailand is one of the top medical tourism destinations globally. Dental tourism that is a subset of medical tourism is an increasingly growing sector whereby BIDC is the leading dental center catering to international patients within the country. The award-winning dental center has received recognition for its contribution to the Thai economy on dental tourism growith and revenues.

One of the major concerns international travelers may have when travelling overseas is its patient safety standards, service and treatment standards or a lack of adequate complaints policy to deal appropriately and fairly with complaints made by dissatisfied patients. International healthcare accreditation, such as Joint Commission International (JCI), an USA accreditation group, has been inspecting and accrediting health care facilities and hospitals outside of the United States since 1999. The JCI develops internationally recognized procedures and standards to help improve patient care and safety. They work with hospitals and ambulatory care centers to help combat worries on infectious disease-related epidemiology and quality of post-operative care.

BIDC is the first dental center in Thailand to obtain and earn the JCI accreditation recognition successfully, setting and leading the dental industry on dental standards of care in Thailand. The dental center works along the Thailand’s Ministry of Healthy, Ministry of Trade and Promotion as well as the Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) within the areas of dental tourism on the growth of Thailand as a dental hub in the Asean region and AEC.

Dental Tourism and Medical Alliance Partnership

BIDC welcomes partnerships with:

  • Medical and dental facilitators
  • Hospital and beauty clinics
  • Reputable wellness centers
  • Tour operators offering medical and wellness packages
  • Medical platforms

Our international relations department will request on basic information about your organization as part of its good governance policies. BIDC typically partners with registered business companies that may be listed overseas or in Thailand.

For partnership relations with BIDC as dental alliances. Contact us with subject header “Partnership with BIDC”.

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