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BIDC is always on the look out for high caliber individuals to join in our award-winning dental center :

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Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

Department of Human Resources (5th Floor)
157,159 Ratchadapisek Rd 
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

HR Telephone : 02 245 3911 ext. 503
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Line ID : 0917708110

If you are interested in dental careers at BIDC, contact us above for a scheduled visit to our Department of Human Resources. Get directions from our location map. There is free onsite parking is available.

Partner with BIDC

BIDC is at the fore-front of forging international relations and alliances. Our center partners with insurance companies, dental tourism and medical tourism companies and corporate businesses.

Dentist Jobs Openings and Dentist Positions

All dentists applying for dentist jobs in Thailand must hold a valid license from the Thai Dental Council in order to practice in Thailand. All dentists applications sent to us on are kept confidential. BIDC openly welcomes dentists returning from overseas studies to discuss and tour our dental center on the process management, dental professionalism and standards upheld by our award-winning dental center.

BIDC is always on the lookout for professional and qualified dentists and dental specialists continually throughout the year.

General Criteria for Dentist Jobs

Dental Specialists

Dental specialists are dentists that holds additional certification after obtaining a general dental licenses. Our fields of dental expertise include oral & maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontists, restorative dentistry, operative dentistry, oral medicine, pediatrics and preventive dentistry.

As part of the professional code of conduct at BIDC, each of our dentists in our team undergo a credentialing process whereby each dentists qualifications and skill sets are reviewed.  Credentials to practice are evaluated during initial start, annually and every 3 years. Dentists and dental specialists are given special privileges to practice and perform only assigned types of treatments based on their experience and skill sets.

BIDC welcomes qualified and experienced dentists and dental specialists with a license to practice in Thailand to apply to join our team of doctors.

General dentists typically performs general dentistry treatment that includes dental fillings, teeth bonding as well as teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing. For surgical procedures and multiple or complex treatments, cases are referred on to dental specialists. Certain general dentists may apply to request for additional areas of practice privileges based on their qualifications and past experience. 

If you are an overseas dentists, you must hold a valid dental license in order to practice in Thailand. More information on how to obtain a license to practice may be found on the Thai Dental Council website. If you are a dentists but would like to apply for other non-practicing job positions at BIDC, please feel free to still apply with us for other job positions.

Registered Nurses

Nurses at BIDC screens patients and performs simple diagnoses. They play an important role in the care of our patients prior to seeing our dentists. Other roles that nurses perform include administration of medications, vital sign and pain score monitoring as well as follow up on surgical cases post treatment.  

All practicing nurses must have a valid nursing license from the Thailand Nursing Council and Midwifery Council. If you are an overseas nurse, we welcome you to apply for other non-practicing positions. Nurses who apply for infection prevention and control and quality management roles will require additional certifications.

After care payment options

Other Dental Jobs Positions

BIDC is always on the lookout for talented, qualified and interested individuals continually throughout the year round in joining Thailand’s leading and largest dental network group. As part of our BIDC team, you will play a key role in providing high-quality care and improving patient education and care for thousands of patients. Our other job positions for applications are:

  • Management and Quality Related Positions
  • Customer Service Relations (Thai and English-speaking)
  • Customer Service Translators (Other Languages)
  • Dental Supply and Dental Assistances

General Criteria on for Other Dental Careers Positions

The leadership of a company is vital towards the corporate cultural, ethics and success of BIDC. Business management and quality related positions require individuals with prior experience in business management or quality related areas. He or she is flexible, adaptable and works along well with people and teams.

Customer service relations are the communication hub of the dental center. Both fresh graduates and experienced individuals fluent in English and Thai (if possible) are eligible for application. Individuals must have a customer service oriented mind with a keen interest in learning and marketing. We expect our customer service relations to be independent learners with a good ability to work within teams.

BIDC sees a large number of international patients. If you are fluent in an additional language such as Japanese, Mandarin, French, German, etc. BIDC provides you with the opportunity to interact with overseas patients in coordinating and taking care of them during they stay in Thailand.

If you are an overseas applicant, BIDC processes work permits. Our dental careers position is a highly selective process, most candidates will require a fluent strong command in English in speaking, reading and writing as well as another language capability.

Dental assistances are individuals who help dentists with their daily treatments. They are responsible to keep their designated treatment room clean and sterilized. Assistance prepares all instruments, equipments, documents and looks after their treatment room stock. Some dental assistance will have additional roles such as x-rays taking or handling of dental laboratory work.

As BIDC uses strict quality and safety protocols, dental assistance will be required to be able to follow instructions and step-by-step procedures strictly without compromises. Most dental assistance starts off at the dental supply section to understand our sterilization processes and flows.

Applicants will need to be able to read and speak thai language to follow procedural flows as part of our dental careers selection process.

About Bangkok International Dental Center

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of Thailand largest and leading private dental clinic in Thailand treating both local residents and a large majority of international patients. BIDC provides a one-stop center providing the full range of dental services. We are a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited dental center.

BIDC is managed by of Thailand’s largest dental clinic network groups – Dental Corporation PLC. We are listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Our dental group abides by transparency and good governance practices. We provide our staff with incentive benefits and job security based on laws and regulations of Thailand. 

Why Dental Careers at BIDC?

BIDC currently has a team of over 70 dentists and dental specialists, we believe that BIDC offers a professional environment for our doctors and nurses. Ongoing training courses for our dentists and nurses are held and encouraged in-line with progressive advancements in techniques and developments.

BIDC sees a large percentage of international patients offering a great opportunity for our frontline staff to build customer relationships on an international level. Performance and career progression is based on the skills you acquire, learning and the contribution you make. BIDC employs has a team of over 120 staff. At BIDC, we believe in training and the continuous education of our staff. All staff undergo orientation, patient and facility safety as well as position-related training.

If you a motivated individual with a good capability to learn, excel and grow, we want to hear from you. See our professional resources pages on seeking dental careers or jobs in the dental industry in Thailand.