Professional Dental Resources

Dentists and dental specialists practicing at our main BIDC dental center and our dental clinics are key to BIDC’s success as a group. In recognition of this we aim to ensure that our Thailand dentists are appropriately supported. At BIDC, our dentists in Thailand undergo a credentialing process whereby privileges are reviewed and assigned to dentists to ensure a professional standard of treatment services are maintained and evaluated.

BIDC dental center and our Thailand dental clinics treat patients from over 43 countries. Patients treated at BIDC are over 6 years and above. Within our scope of dental services, BIDC specializes in the dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation cases, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic dentistry. We invest much of our dental resources on proven diagnostic and treatment technologies within the dental sector. We invest a great deal in technologies, continuous training and development programs.

Accreditation bodies of Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) include:

Professional bodies of our dentists, nurses and staff include:

Infection prevention and control standards at BIDC are based on scientific evident-based approach that we adapt from international bodies including:

BIDC business practices follows regulatory rules set forth by:

Apply Dental Jobs at BIDC

To apply to be a dentist in Bangkok at BIDC dental center or at one of our dental clinics in Thailand, more information can be found on our dentist careers page.

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