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A large number of international visitors has flown into Thailand specially to have their dental works done with us. Below are dental reviews by our patients on having dental treatment done in at our award-winning dental clinic and JCI Certification in Thailand. Patients at BIDC provide their reviews and comments about their treatments and experience.

Video testimonials are voluntarily without any given incentives. BIDC YouTube Channel has more than 80+ videos clips with world-wide group of patients.

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Dental Implants Reviews

“Dentists are very skilled. Had multiple implants done, there was no one moment of pain. The dentists were very skilled and precise”

American Physicist on Full Dental Implants

“As good as in USA & Australia. I am very happy with treatment, professionalism of doctors and hygiene levels”

Australian Doctor on Teeth Implants Crowns

“Treatment decisions made were based as a person. I was pleasantly surprised with the conservative attitude. The standards here for me has been teamwork”

Australian on Dental Implants

Dental Crowns & Veneers Reviews

General Dentistry Reviews

No Pain Dentistry Reviews

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