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Cercon Crowns

Cercon Smart Ceramic is one type of porcelain by Dentsply Sirona. The ceramic crowns are made from high-performance zicronium oxide that has been in use for along time – in diverse applications such as the space shuttle and artificial hip joints. Cercon crowns are strong, fracture resistant and pleasing to the eye. They are about five times stronger than conventional porcelain. Most importantly, zirconium is biocompatible, therefore it is a good choice as a dental material for restorations because it is chemically unreactive.

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Benefits of Cercon Crowns

  • Cercon is metal-free and do not require a metal base.
  • It is made from zironium oxide that is biocompatible with low cold and hot conductivity maintain a healthy flora and reduce the frequency of hypersensitivity.
  • Zirconia is difficult to crack, thus it has high fracture toughness.
  • The Cercon ceramic prosthetics are long lasting and resistant to wear
  • There is no chemical corrosion.
  • Ceramic crowns and bridges looks like natural teeth and aesthetically pleasing. Porcelain is in general more resistant to stains as compared to than acrylic or composite ceramic crowns.
  • Cercon prosthetics sits firmly and securely and preserves healthy tooth structure.
  • They are easy to look after.
  • The Cercon ceramic crowns has years of clinically documented quality. It is a high tech material with high strength values.

Ceramic Crowns

Cercon shades by Dentsply

ceramics Cercon

Cercon ceramics

Disc used to make cercon crowns

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The above cercon block used to mill all ceramic crowns has hybrid zirconia multilayer material. Combined with high strength and natural tooth aesthetics. The graphic shows layers of Cercon from 1200 MPa in the dentin up to 750 MPa in the incisal.

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Reference source adapted from Dentsply crowns.

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