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Zirconia Crowns from Ceramill

Zirconia crown from Ceramill is a polychromatic and super high-translucent zirconia porcelain. The ceramic has translucency gradient that simulate the color shades of tooth enamel and dentine and cervical in a natural progression.

Crowns, bridges, implant prosthese, veneers and inlays onlays from zirconia ceramill can be further customized after sintering to produce high esthetic results using stains and glazing porcelains. This allows you to specify and match your zirconia crowns more costly to existing teeth.

Zirconia Crown Ceramill

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

  • A zirconia crown has smooth shade transitions without shade edges. There is a continuous shade and translucency gradient that allows for natural esthetics from Ceramill.
  • It is a multilayer block, so dental lab technicians can thus produce multiple tooth shades overnight,
  • The Ceramill intelligent nesting concept guarantees accurate matching of the VITA shades.
  • Zirconium crowns has an esthetic management system that simplifies the fabrication from zirconium oxide. This therefore optimizes working steps for faster treatment teeth work delivery.

Types of Zirconia

Zolid fx Multilayer

Super high translucent zirconia with seamless shade and translucency gradient.

Zolid fx White
Zirconia Dental Crowns

Super-high translucent zircon oxide for monolithic and anatomically reduced restorations in the anterior region.

Zolid fx Preshades

Super-high translucent, preshaded zirconia blanks for monolithic restorations

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Reference source adapted from Ceramill.

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