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Hybrid Veneers

Hybrid veneers are composite veneers made from nano-hybrid composite using modern laser technology. These veneers are pre-fabricated in the dental laboratory. Your dentist is thus able to use these pre-made hybrid composite veneers for your cosmetic dental makeover without the wait-time. 

The advantage of hybrid veneers is that they tend to be stronger compared to your normal composite resin veneers. They are however may not be as strong as porcelain veneers that may be the ideal dental veneers material type. Like its composite counterparts, hybrids are thus also known as direct veneers. 

The procedure of having hybrid veneers follows to a similar process as your porcelain veneers, except there is no wait time for dental laboratory delivery.

Direct Hybrid Veneers

Restore Teeth with Hybrid Veneers  

Direct veneers without dental laboratory wait time. Consult with Thailand’s top cosmetic dental experts on your cosmetic dental makeover.

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Benefits of Hybrid Teeth Veneers

  • stronger than conventional composite veneers
  • quick procedure, it is a direct veneers therefore they may be completed in one visit
  • covers teeth irregularities with natural-looking aesthetics 

Procedure of Hybrid Direct Veneers

  1. First evaluation and hybrid veneer tooth preparation
    • your dentist discusses with you on treatment options for dental veneers
    • on deciding for hybrid veneers, the color shade, shape and length is chosen
    • your natural teeth is then shaped to receive the veneer
  2. Curing of composite veneer
    • your teeth surface is cleaned the coated for bonding of the hybrid 
    • your veneer specifications is confirmed
    • a light is used to cured the veneers on permanently 
  3. Care of the direct veneer
    • Your dentist polishes and adjusts the hybrid veneers and checks your bite
    • instructions on how to care for your veneres is provided
Direct Veneers

Direct Veneers

Fitted onto teeth at chairide

composite hybrid veneer

Pre-fabricated Composites

Choose size and shape

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Recovery Expectations

For some cases, you may feel some minor soreness for the first few days but this gradually disappears.

Postcare Instructions for Direct Veneers

Hybrid veneers require the same regular and consistent home and professional dental care as your natural teeth.

  1. Avoid chewing on or eating hard foods on the restorations for 24 hours from the time they were cemented
  2. To help with discomfort or swelling rinse your mouth with warm salt water. (1tsp. of salt in 8oz of water)
  3. Keep hybrid veneer area clean to maintain tissue compatibility 
  4. Some sensitivity in teeth may be experienced by certain patients. This sensitivity will disappear gradually over a few days to weeks. If teeth are sensitive
    • Avoid hot, cold or acidic food and beverage
    • Pain medication be taken as directed as long as there is no medical contradiction based upon your medical histor
    • Use flouride rinse and toothpaste for sensivity teeth
    • Clean teeth properly

To maintain your direct veneers over time

  • Practice good oral hygiene practices with daily brushing and flossing
  • Avoid sticky and hards foods that can chip your teeth and veneers
  • Visit your dentist bi-annual and as and when you discover any issues to
  • Check and keep your composite veneers clean and polished
  • Use soft-bristled brushes and non-abrasive toothpastes

Reference and photo source adapted from Edelweiss

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