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Super-thin Veneers

Super-thin veneers are a type of porcelain veneers whereby your dental technician and dental laboratory has made it ultra-thin of less than 0.5mm. This means that the veneers are as thin as paper or commonly compared with contact lens.

Your cosmetic dentist may offer super-thin veneers for selected cases that may be suited for minimal tooth preparation or no-preparation. Teeth enamel is conserved as much as possible and in some cases, the veneers treatment can be reversed back to natural teeth.

super-thin veneers

Super-thin Veneers

Check to see if minimal or no prep super-thin veneers may be suited for you. Consult our leading cosmetic dental specialists today. 

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Benefits of Ultral-thin Veneers

  • minimally invasive or non-invasive as only a very thin layer of teeth enamel surface is removed
  • a simple and painless process as there is no need for temporaries or shots
  • custom-made that is able to change color shades of teeth to a guaranteed teeth color
  • able to restores mildly chipped teeth
  • eliminates small spacing and gaps on small teeth

Types of Super thin Veneers

IPS Empress

IPS Empress is one of the most popular porcelain veneers used world-wide. Established, long-lasting and natural-looking, IPS Empress veneers may be made paper-thin.

IPS Empress Veneers


Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers made of porcelain that are usually constructed at an overseas dental lab that is then delivered to Thailand for placement.


Digital Smile with Ultra thin Veneres

When choosing super-thin veneers, you are also able to request on our latest Digital Smile concept. BIDC cosmetic dental clinic employs digital dentistry for your dental makeover. Our cosmetic dentists consists of master experts. Our on-site digital dental lab allows for fast and effective veneers services.

Digital Smile Experts

Digital Smile

Customized your smile with ultra-thin veneers and Smile Design using the latest computer based technologies and videography.

BIDC is a top cosmetic dental provider in the Asia Pacific region

Digital Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

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