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Home Bleaching

Home bleaching refers to whitening teeth at home. Teeth whitening at home may be done by several methods including

  1. Home bleaching kits
  2. Over-the-counter bleaching kits
  3. Whitening toothpastes

Dentist Office
Home Bleaching Kit

home bleaching

Home bleaching kits enables you to apply whitening agent to your teeth by yourself. Only the teeth to be bleached are covered by the gel. Dentist-based kits are dispensed by your dentists. It consists of a customized tray specific to your teeth and patented whitening syringes of suited concentration levels for your teeth type. 

Over the Counter
Take-Home Kit


Over-the-counter bleaching kits or OTC may be bought in stores. OTC normally have a generic bleaching tray that may not fit properly to your teeth. As the product and your case is not checked by your dentist, please do check its product safety certification and teeth whitening considerations factors before deciding your tooth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening toothpastes contains contain peroxide that is the ingredient found in tooth bleaching gels. Whitening toothpaste cannot alter the natural color of teeth or reverse discoloration by penetrating surface stains or decay. It typically a much longer time ranging to weeks for any effect to be visible relative to in-office or take-home bleaching kits.

Whitening toothpastes contains contain peroxide that is the ingredient found in tooth bleaching gels. Whitening toothpastse cannot alter the natural color of teeth or reverse discoloration by penetrating surface stains or decay. It typically a much longer time ranging to weeks for any effect to be visible relative to in-office or take-home bleaching kits.

Types of Home Bleaching Systems

The take-home whitening systems used at our BIDC dentist offices are from USA.


At home whitening kit

Philips Zoom!

zoom teeth whitening

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Whiter Teeth in Comfort of Your Home

If you are unsure if teeth whitening is suited for you, email us or walk-in for a checkup and free consultation. Take-home kits from our dentist office comes with customized trays.  

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Benefits of Home Whitening

  • Home whitening can done in privacy at home to your convenience.
  • Take-home kits normally consists of lower concentration of whitening agent suitable for individuals who may like to whiten teeth but has a tendency to tooth sensitivity or light exposure.

For faster results, in office bleaching or power bleach would be the alternative. It takes just one hour of your time in the dental clinic to professionally lighten your teeth.

Procedure for Home Bleaching Treatment

  1. First evaluation and impression taking for customised trays
    • after an initial check by your dentist that teeth whitening is suited for your case, your dentist takes a mould impression of your teeth to make the individual customised trays
  2. Collect trays with application instructions on syringes of whitening gel
    • whenthe trays are ready, you are able to collect the trays with instruction on how to apply the whitening gel, how to wear and clean the bleaching tray
  3. The tray and whitening gel are worn for several hours over a period of time as prescribed by your dentist

Recovery Expectations

Some people who undergo home bleaching may experience some sensitivity in their teeth. It normally dissipates in 1-2 days after the whitening applications is stopped. Call our dental office for advise if you are unsure on the use of your take-home whitening kit.

Postcare Instructions for Home Bleaching Kit

  1. Avoid consuming color-staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, coke, etc. as well as smoking for at least one week
  2. Proper oral hygiene care should be carried out to maintain and avoid diminished whitening results
  3. If experiencing some sensitivity in teeth after tooth whitening
    • Avoid hot, cold or acidic food and beverages
    • Pain medication be taken as directed as long as there is no medical contradiction based upon your medical history
    • Use flouride rinse and toothpaste for sensivity teeth
  4. If experiencing some sensitivity in teeth for take-home whitening
    • Wear the tray for a shorter period of time (for example, two 30-minute sessions vs. two 60-minute sessions)
    • Stop whitening your teeth for two to three days to allow your teeth to adjust to the whitening process

Care for Whitened Teeth

Simply follow good oral hygiene practices for home bleaching :

  • Brush at least twice a day. It is good practice to brush after eating and before bedtime.
  • Floss at least once to twice a day.
  • Rinse with fluoride rinse before bed. Swish the fluoride rinse vigorously in your mouth for at least one minute. Do not swallow any of the rinse and do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes
  • Be careful about chewing toffees, gum, grainy rolls and tough food in this area
  • See your dentist for regular professional check-ups and cleanings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Home Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching can be done at home. It however do take a longer period of time as compared to in-office teeth whitening at your dentist office where results are instant. If you have decided to opt for home teeth bleaching, here are some commonly asked questions:

Having a tray that fits snuggly on your teeth is essential to assure proper home teeth bleaching and consistent results. Custom trays ensures comfort and enables less gel to be used. Because trays are individualized, it means that the whitening gel does not go onto your soft tissue gum margin that can cause irritation and increase sensitivity.

At BIDC thailand dental clinics,  a clear, flexible tray can be made at our offices to fit comfortably over your teeth within just 2 hours.

Many dentists consider teeth bleaching whitening at home relatively safe if you choose an approved and certified system and follow the given instructions. We do however recommend that you have a pre-check done with your dentist to ensure that you are a candidate suitable for teeth whitening. See considerations to teeth whitening.

Certified take home bleaching kits can be purchased at our Thailand dental clinics. And you can also request to have a customized bleaching tray done. Teeth bleaching gel is not intended to be in contact with the gums, a customized tray relative to a universal tray is thus helpful to prevent gum irritation and teeth sensitivity.

Tooth whitening is not permanent. The length of time that home bleaching or in-office bleaching lasts is dependent on many factors including your diet, the original color of your teeth, and each individual tooth’s ability to absorb the bleaching products.

Most whitening toothpastes remove some surface stains, but they will not bleach the teeth as effectively. Also, some whitening toothpastes may have harmful abrasives that can wear away tooth structure over time. The results from whitening toothpastes are usually limited.

Ready-made or on-the-go teeth bleaching kits (OTC) are available over the counter. These kits contain a universal tray and the whitening gel is normally a weak concentration solution as compared to the one provided by your dentist for safety reasons. Please do check that the over the counter whitening kit is an approved and certified product before your purchase to ensure there are no harmful chemicals that can damage teeth. If you are unsure on your OTC, you can get a free consult with our dentist and opt for a verified take-home bleaching from our dental clinic.

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