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Opalescence Take-Home Bleaching

Opalescence teeth whitening is only available from your dentist. This allows you to get a safe diagnoses if teeth whitening is suited for your case. Your dentist can supervise your home bleaching treatment from initial consultation through completion.

The take-home whitening gel is formulated from potassium nitrate and fluoride. The ingredient components help to improve oral health by strengthening enamel, decreasing sensitivity, and offering increased cavity prevention. 

Opalescence Go


Ready-to-go Whitening

15-60 min./day
Universal tray
10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide

Opalescence Take-home

At home whitening kit

Custom Tray Whitening

worn overnight
customized tray
5 concentrations of hydrogen peroxide

home bleaching

Take-Home Bleaching Kit

If you are unsure if home bleaching is for you, get a complimentary checkup with our cosmetic dentist. You can purchase Opalescence only at our dentist offices. 

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Opalescence is one brand of take-home bleaching kit offered at BIDC dental clinics. The opalescence cannot be purchased over the counter and may be purchased at our Thailand dental clinics. When you purchase the home bleaching kit at our office, it comes with a set customized of trays. Tooth impression is taken during your dental visit and may be collected 2 hours later or the next day. The trays should be washed after each use and should be kept at cool temperatures. 

You are able to repeat home bleaching periodically when you notice a drop in color shades. Additional syringes of Opalescence gel can be purchased from our office and existing tray can be re-used. Read more details on Bangkok teeth whitening.  

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