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Immediate Load Implants

Immediate loaded implants are also known as immediate function implants. This means that permanent or temporary prosthetics are placed onto the implant post during the same period after its surgical placement.
The immediate loading of dental implants shortens the treatment time. It give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period. For patients who have poor teeth prognoses require teeth removal and replacement, transition stages from having teeth to no teeth is removed. Patients are able to restore their smiles and teeth in one go.

immediate load implants

Immediate Function Implants

Replace missing teeth with immediate load implants for single multiple or jaws without teeth. Email us for an online consult and draft quote with our dentist.  

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Stages for Immediate Load Implants

For immediate load implants, the 2nd stage prosthetics on implants is done during the same period when the 1st stage implant post placement is done.This means that Stage 2 and 3 are done together.

Impression taking for prosthetics such as crown, bridge or dentures is taken after the surgical implant post placement is done. Upon delivery of the labworks, the prosthetics on implants is then fitted onto the abutments and implant posts during the same trip. The prosthetics on implants may be temporary or permanent.

Stage 1

Implant Site Preparation
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting

Stage 2

Implant Post Surgical Insertion

Stage 1

Prosthetics Placed On Implant Post
  • crowns
  • bridge
  • hybrid dentures

The dental treatment steps for immediate loaded implants are the same as conventional implants, the only main difference is temporary crown, bridge or dentures is loaded onto the implants posts after its surgical placement.

Before immediate load implants are done, your dentist will need to check on inclusion or exclusion criterias. One day and immediate load implants do not apply to all cases. If this protocol concept is feasible for your case, completion time for dental implants are reduced from more than 8 months to just weeks.

Benefits of Immediate Load Implants

  1. Immediate function teeth
  2. Good esthetic results
  3. Shorter treatment time with minimized pain

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Immediate Function Implants

Some criteria that your implantologist uses to determine if immediate function or one day implants is appropriate for your case include factors below that is a non-exhaustive list.

  1. There should be no infection or disorder at the implant site.
  2. Good oral hygiene and patient compliances is adhered to.
  3. The gingival or gum status of adjacent teeth is favorable and stable
  4. Bone condition, density and volume of the area for loaded will need to be sufficiently strong and good for immediate prostheses loading for single and multiple implant crowns and bridges. For full jaw immediate function concepts, All-on-4 implants or zygoma implants may be considered but carries higher risks and will require good care maintenance for successful results.

Please do consult with your dental specialists if conventional, immediate implant or the above immediate function implants are meant for your case.

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Indication Types and Implant Systems for Immediate Function Implants

  • Straumann ProArch

For immediate load implants, the active surface implant range under Struaman or SIC Swiss implants is most commonly used. The active surface ranges reduces risks and increase survival rate as it has a special chemical coating that allows the implant post to fuse quickly with jawbone during the first few weeks after placement.

There are various dental implant brands around the world. Learn more about the various implant brands and their ranges. At BIDC, our team of top implantologists have selected only well established implant brands for its reliable clinical studies and world-wide distribution. This ensures no matter where our patients globally, their implant may be looked after or maintained by a local dentist in their country or area. 

Procedure for Immediate Load Treatment

The immediate load implant protocol is typically done selected for cases with strong bone and require single unit crowns. You will need to consult with your implantologist for diagnoses on its suitability as each individual’s case condition is different. Below is the immediate load implant procedure for single implant crown or implant bridge:

  1. Prepration on first evaluation, x-ray and tooth implant site preparation
    • Panoramic and CT Scan imaging is done to determine the implant site and bone condition
    • If immediate load implant is opted, preparations on lab, implant component parts and instruments are arranged to start the procedure
  2. First stage tooth implant placement 
    • On the day or surgery, the dental implant post is embedded
    • Another post surgery x-ray is taken to check that the implant post positoining 
    • Either during the same or next day, the abutment is placed into the implant and tooth impression is taken. 
    • The dental labs constructs the crown or bridge
  3. Second stage attachment of abutment and prosthese 
    • On lab delivery, the crown or bridge is installed onto the implant post
    • Your prosthodontist checks on your occlusion bite and adjusts your prosthese accordingly,
    • Post care instructions on how to care for your new prosthese is provided.

For full jaw immediate function implants, please refer to 

  • All-on-4 implant procedures
  • zygoma implant procedures

Case Indications for Dental Implants

Single Missing Tooth
implant crown

Single implant post with crown

Several Missing Teeth
implant bridge

Several implants with dental bridges over implants or implant crowns in multiple locations

All Missing Teeth
implant bridges

Edentulous jaw with prostheses over implants

Conclusion to Dental Implants

Immediate load implants or immediate function implants is an advance implant treatment procedure typically performed for simple single implant crown or full jaw implants with hybrid bridges called All-on-4 / ProArch. It is also the treatment procedure of zygoma implants with hybrid bridge. The concept follows that temporary prostheses are placed on during the same surgical visit or period when dental implant posts are embedded in jaw. Immediate function implants speeds up treatment timings and reduces the need for several surgical stages.

Unlike conventional implants, immediate load implants may not be suited for all case indications. A skilled dental specialists and thorough considerations on pros and cons of your end results prostheses needs to be balanced prior to deciding if this methodology and implant option is for you.

For immediate load implants, your implantologist or oral surgeon will require specified dental implant systems and a particular range. Active surfaces implants with angled abutments from Straumann, Nobel biocare or SIC implants will be recommended. The higher specifications of implants helps to improve success rates and enable faster osseointegration required in immediate load and implant implant procedures. 

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