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Zygoma Implants

BIDC dental implant clinic is one of the leading dental providers for full mouth dental implant reconstruction in Thailand. Zygoma implants and all-on-4 immediate function implants cases at BIDC are done only by the top dental implantologists and oral surgeons in the country.  Our team of dental implant specialists are highly qualified accredited from Europe and USA.

Zygomatic implants are a suited option for full arch missing teeth reconstruction with severe posterior bone loss on the upper jaw. A new set of teeth is placed within 72 hours from dental implant post placement. Traditionally, dental implants will require enough height and width of bone in the upper jaws for placement. In upper jaws, if there is minimal bone, surgical options such as sinus-lift and bone grafting would be done. Zygoma implants places implants into cheek bones at an approximate 45-degree angle emerging at the dental ridge. This often prevents the need for more intensive bone graft surgery. 

Zygoma Implants

Zygoma Implants For Severe Bone Loss Indications

If bone is too thin at the posterior area, zygoma implants may be considered in supporting a fixed hybrid overdentures on upper jaws. Consult our experienced oral surgeon on any questions you may have

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Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

  • Zygoma implants may be done for severe posterior bone loss cases.
  • The final prostheses may be fixed or removable.
  • Relative to waiting for lengthy major bone graft procedures that spans across months, zygomatic implants reduces treatment time in surgery and follow-up treatments.

Procedure for Zygoma Implant Treatment

The treatment procedure zygoma implants will need to be done under general anesthesia whereby you are placed to sleep. The steps for full arch dental implant treatment using the zygomatic dental implants is as follows:

zygoma tooth implants

1. Before the procedure

The dentist determines what needs to be done and does pre-preparations to arrangement for your coming implant procedure. As zgyoma implants are done under general anaesthesia, you may be referred for a health check and chest x-ray. Your procedure is done at our alliance dental hospital with a licensed anaesthesiologist. A first evaluation, x-ray and CT Scan is done to determine implant site positioning and bone condition. 

zygoma dental implants

2. Installing the implant

On day of surgery, you will be asked not to consume any food or liquids at least 10 hours before surgery. If there is existing teeth, teeth are extracted. Bonegrafts or alevoplasty in shaping the bone may be done at this stage. Two long zygomatic implants are placed at the posterior area and additional 2 or more implants are installed at the anterior area.

zygoma implant

3. Attaching the hybrid bridge

After surgery, teeth impression for the hybrid bridge or overdenture is taken immediately after teeth implants placement or within the next 2 days. A framework is returned from the dental labs. Your dentist trial fits the framework before proceeding on adding false teeth. Upon the delivery of final prosthese, it is securely installed over the implants. 

zygomatic implants

4. End result

You have new teeth that can function immediately. You will be required to carefully follow your dentist’s post care instructions during the healing period post surgery. 

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Recovery Expectations

After surgery, you will be taken to a post care anaesthesia room whereby registered nurses will montior you until you are full conscious and fit for discharge. You will need to have someone accompany back home with you and stay with you for the first 24 hours.

Following placement of the dental implant surgery, you may experience sore, tenderness or the surrounding gums may be swollen. Please do foillow the care instructions given by your oral surgeon. You are recommended for rest at least for the first day after surgery.

Below is a zygoma implant case done by our implantolgoist team:

thailand zygoma implants
zygoma teeth

After zygoma Implants by implant oral surgeon. 

BIDC Leading Dental Implant Center

Postcare Instructions for Zgyoma Implants

  1. Only liquid foods may be consumed during the first day in order to avoid inadvertent food particles contaminating the wound and semi-liquid (Mashed) food added during the rest of the week
  2. Avoid eating or drinking anything very hot or cold during the first day after the operation
  3. Moderate post-operative swelling is a normal reaction. However, If you have excessive swelling, severe pain or persistent bleeding please contact the clinic or emergency room
  4. Use antiseptic mouth wash rinses as directed
  5. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages should be avoided
  6. Old dentures may not be worn until adjustments have been made. Early insertion of dentures may delay or affect healing
  7. Avoid putting heavy pressure around the implant site during healing period 

Care for Zygoma Implants

Dental implants require the same care as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups:

  • Brush after eating and before bedtime around the implant with a soft toothbrush
  • Floss at least once to twice a day. Use the proxy brush or floss threader to remove plaque under and around these areas to maintain good oral hygiene. Buildup of food debris and plaque on your teeth and gums can become infected.
  • Rinse with fluoride rinse before bed. Swish the fluoride rinse vigorously in your mouth for at least one minute. Do not swallow any of the rinse and do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes
  • Be careful about chewing toffees, gum, grainy rolls and tough food in this area
  • See your dentist for regular professional check-ups and cleanings

Conclusion – Zygoma Dental Implants

For cases whereby there is insufficient bone, zygomatic implants are long dental implants embedded into the cheek area to support a fixed hybrid bridge. Zygoma implants uses the same concept immediate function as All-on-4 implants tilting the 2 posterior implants in maximize the use of anterior bone support.

The zygoma implant procedure will need to be done under general anaesthesia at our alliance dental hospital in Bangkok whereby the individual is placed under sleep dentistry and will any re-collection of treatment. The implant system and range used for zygoma implants.

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