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General Dentistry

You are recommended for bi-annual dental visits to your dentist in keeping your oral health in-check and healthy. During your routine dental checkup, your general dentist does a surface check. If there is tooth decay or potential issues detected under the gums area, your dentist may recommend x-ray imaging for further investigation with a proposed treatment pan. If there are no oral concerns, teeth cleaning, scaling and preventive treatments may be recommended or opted.  

General dentist performs simple treatments that include:

  1. Dental Diagnoses, Oral Checkup and Treatment Plan
  2. Dental Fillings
  3. Teeth Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing & Airflow Prophylaxis
  4. Fluoride Dental Treatment
Dental Diagnoses
Dental Checkup
Dental Fillings
Dental Fillings
Teeth Cleaning and Airflow
Teeth cleaning
Fluoride Dental Treatment
Fluoride Treatment

General Dentistry

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BIDC dental clinic works by dental specialists referral consultation system for treatments. During your dental checkup visit, your dentist does a surface checkup and may possible have an x-ray taken. A treatment plan is then drawn up and each portion of your dental need. Each dental treatment is referred to a well-experienced dentists in their area of specialty for treatment.

All our dentists at BIDC assigned dental privileges that states the scope of dental treatments there are able to perform. Dentists treat only dental treatments in areas where they qualified for. This ensures you receives proper and consistent dental care during each time and each visit by a skilled and well experienced on. You may therefore see different dentists during the same or at different visits. If you know your work is complicated, please do always feel free to approach our co-ordinators who are readily available to service you at all times.

General Dentistry 

Keep your teeth healthy with a bi-annual dental checkup at BIDC. Get professional teeth cleaning and detect potential issues early.  

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