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Dental Checkup and Treatment Plan

Dental checkup is recommended every 6 months or bi-annually. During a routine oral checkup, your dentist screens you on tooth decay and for any potential teeth issues. An oral examination probes teeth surfaces. X-rays may be requested to be taken to check under visible teeth surfaces.

Dental diagnosis is one of the most important aspect in modern dentistry. it is required to ensure you have a correct and proper treatment plan. Your treatment plan states what are your dental treatments options and what dental care you will need.  At BIDC dental center, we use two main aspects during dental diagnosis to draw up a proper treatment plan:

  1. Standardized Policies and Standards
  2. Dental Diagnosis Technologies
Dental Checkup

Checkup and Consultation is Complimentary

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Professional Dental Treatment Standards

Standards and policies at dental clinic in Bangkok focuses on objectives for:

  1. Professionalism in code of conduct
  2. International standards
  3. Quality care of patients with compassion

Our treatment policies and various control checks are set to provide transparency. We believe in taking the time to educate each of patient on their options and setting realistic targets. Your dental specialists and dentists are a selected group of qualified and skilled individuals chosen in their specific field of expertise.

A holistic approach is taken to ensure that our patients are properly and professionally treated. As with all our treatments, our team takes into considerations the patients long-term prognosis. A large number of our dental specialists are overseas graduates trained in the United Kingdom, United States and other parts of the world.

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Dental Diagnosis Technologies

To aid our dentists and dental specialists in dental diagnosis and providing good quality dental care, modern equipment and techniques are utilized. Our dental clinic has our own 3D digital CT Scan and panoramic x-ray machines within its dental building are used to facilitate systemic diagnoses and treatment plans. Our dental clinic has over 20 treatment rooms, each equipped with modern dental units designed for patient comfort with sterilization design concepts in mind.
Within each specific stream of dentistry, our dental specialists are also guided by specialized instruments with the patient safety functions. For each specific field of dentistry, view more on our dental technologies offered at our dental center.

Sterilization standards are of the utmost importance at our dental clinics. Our dental clinic places emphasis on sterilization policies and infection prevention controls. Sterilization equipment including personalized options is available. BIDC has a dedicated central supply department that cleans and autoclaves instruments. These tools protect the safety of our patients. Sterilization equipment such as autoclave sterilizer, ultrasonic cleanser, cold sterilizer, vacuum machine, suction machines and one-time disposable materials are used to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are met. Chemical and biological sterilization indicators are used to double-check our sterilization efforts to ensure total sterilization and safety of our patients.
Our clinical handpieces, airflow cleaning and dental units are decisively chosen not only for their technological advancements but also for their design focus on sterilization approaches.

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