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Teeth Cleaning, Scaling & Teeth Polishing

Teeth cleanining, scaling and polishing is used as a first-line defense against dental problems. Each procedure is however different with its own function.

Tooth Cleaning

We clean our teeth daily with conventional tooth brushing. This daily routine removes sticky plaque that is caused by bacteria in our mouth and builds up over our teeth surfaces. 

Tooth Scaling

When you visit our dental clinics, your dentist not only does teeth cleaning, but also performs teeth scaling. Oral scaling or prophylaxis is the procedure of removing the harden plaque called calculus (tartar) from the teeth. Tooth scaling is part of professional tooth cleaning. A sharp scaler instrument is normally used to remove the tartar that is not otherwise removed by normal tooth cleaning,

Tooth Polishing

Teeth Polishing of tooth surfaces is used to remove stains and make your teeth surfaces smooth. After polishing, it is more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate on your teeth that cause decay or gum disease. Polishing is a both a preventive and cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Teeth cleaning

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Get your bi-annual teeth cleaning, polishing and cleaning. Keep your teeth healthy with a professional prophylaxis.

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Procedure for Teeth Scaling and Teeth Polishing Treatment

When you visit us for teeth scaling and polishing, your dentists gives your teeth a deeper clean on teeth surface and along your gumlines. The areas concentrated on are just below the gum line, behind your teeth and in the gaps in between them. These regions are commonly missed when we brush our teeth. Teeth scaling and polishing helps you prevent gum disease.

Teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing may be done by two methods:

  1. conventiontal scaler and polishing brush : a scaler is a sharp tool used to get rid of hard calculus build up; a polishing brush shines teeth 
  2. airflow teeth cleaning : uses water jets, powder and air to clean, scale and polish teeth

Conventional Dental Cleaning Tools

Tooth polishing

AirFlow Teeth Cleaning

Airflow Prophylaxis

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Teeth Scaling and Teeth Polishing Cases

EMS Air-Polishing

Before Air-Flow

 After Air-Flow

EMS Air-Scaling

 Before Air-Flow

 After Air-Flow

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