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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery basically involves any dental surgical treatments. Dental consultation, proper diagnoses and treatment plan with our dental specialists will first be required before oral surgery takes place.

At BIDC, modern diagnostic technologies such as digital CT scan and x-ray machines and equipment are utilized. Sterilization for critical surgical instruments are autoclaved and equipment are triple-checked for expiry date, chemical indicators and biological indicators for total sterilization prior to its use in surgery.

Oral surgery treatments include :

  1. Tooth Extraction
  2. Surgical Tooth Extraction
  3. Bone Graft Surgery
  4. Dental Implant Surgery
  5. Orthognathic Surgery or Jaw Surgery 
  6. Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
Tooth Extraction
Tooth extraction

Simple tooth extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anaesthesia using instruments to remove the visible portion of the tooth with slow, steady pressure is applied at controlled force.

Surgical Tooth Extraction
wisdom tooth

Surgical tooth extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because the tooth have broken under the gum line or because the tooth has not fully erupt. Surgical extractions almost always require an incision and stitches.

Bone Graft Surgery
bone grafts

Bone graft surgery is done to replace missing bone or when there is insufficient bone for implant placement. Bone grafting is possible because bone tissue has the special ability to regenerate completely if provided the space into which to

Dental Implant Surgery
implant crown

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Dental implants are done in two stages. First stage involves the surgical placement on the implant posts.The second stage is a non-surgical stage of fitting the prosthetics on dental implants.

Orthognatic Surgery
jaw surgery

Orthognathic surgery is jaw surgery to adjust jaw into their positions. The surgical correction of jaw excess/deficiency may be due to mandibular setback/advancement or management of facial deformities.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
digital x-rays

Pre-prosthetic surgery involves surgical treatment done prior to the placement of prosthetics. Treatments may include crown-lengthening, gum grafting or gingivectomy.

Oral Surgery

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For dental surgical procedures done under local anaethesia, this is done at BIDC dental center. BIDC follows international patient safety goals (IPSGs) stated by JCI standards for correct patient, correct-site, correct-procedure. Prior to a start of a surgical procedure, BIDC follows protocols in marking the surgical site, a pre-verification check and a time-out period in ensuring that all equipment with proper sterilization are ready and the right treatment is done.

For dental surgical procedures done under general anaesthesia, patients are referred out to our alliance hospital done by our dental surgical team following the same IPSG safety surgery policies.

Oral Surgery Treatments

Unsure if you tooth extraction, surgical tooth removal or other oral surgery, get a dental consultation with our dental experts for diagnoses and treatment plan.

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oral surgery

Conclusion to Oral Surgery

Oral surgery entails simple to major dental treatments ranging from a simple tooth extraction to the removal of tumors and jaw repositioning. Due to potential higher risks in the nature of oral surgeries, our oral surgeons at BIDC are highly selective for their qualifications and experience.

Our oral surgery center places many safety mechanism in place for surgical procedures ranging from strict sterilization of oral surgical instruments, standard infection prevention and controls, clinical pathways as well as pain management and post surgery follow up. 

For major surgical procedures requiring sedation dentistry, this is referred to our alliance dental hospital in Thailand. Our dental network also has dental clinic in Phuket and a dental clinic in Chiang Mai.

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