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Clear Braces

Clear braces uses the same orthodontic treatment techniques as having conventional metal braces. The main difference being that clear braces utilizes new bracket materials that are tooth-colored or translucent so that braces appears less visible. Rubber bands on ceramic braces may also be clear.

clear braces

Clear Braces 

A less visible alternative for orthodontic braces. Consult with one of our highly qualified orthodontist.

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Benefits of Clear Braces

  • Translucent designed to blend in with teeth and thus fairly unnoticeable from distances and in photographs
  • Many find ceramic braces are more comfortable than metal and tends to be less irritating to the gums
  • Ceramic braces does not stain unlike composite brackets

Clear Braces verus Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal braces normally consists of metal brackets with surrounding colored o-ring bands that you are able to choose from for self-expression.

clear braces

Clear Braces

Clear braces uses clear or ceramic brackets with transluent o-rings. Special brackets such as Clarity SL braces does not use o-rings at all making orthodontic treatment less visible.

Clear Braces System at BIDC

At BIDC orthodontic clinic, we use only reliable and trusted brands for our tooth-colored braces. 

The 3M Clarity Advanced braces from 3M Unitek are translucent brackets that blend your natural teeth color. It is resist to stains and discolorations and offer trusted strength in a small size. 3M Clarity has one of the lowest profiles in the industry. There system has a unique stress concentrator that allows for mesial-distal debonding for ease of placement and replacement of brackets. 

clarity braces
3M Clarity

Our dental clinic advocates the use of the 3M APC adhesive system that comes in individual packages for sterile bonding. At the heart of our operations, we focus on infection prevention and controls, quality and patient safety.  


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Procedure for Clear Braces Treatment

  1. First evaluation and diagnosis
    • Medical records are made including a panoramic x-ray and celphlometric x-ray and study model
    • An appropriate treatment plan is made based on analysis of the gathered information that is discussed with you
  2. Pre-orthodontic treatment
    • Any required pre-orthodontic treatment is done such as tooth extraction, gum treatment or teeth scaling
  3. Fitting of braces
    • Once any required pre-orthodontic treatment is completed, the clear braces are placed on with bands that applies the forces required to align teeth
  4. Go for your regular monthly checkup 
    • Your orthodontist changes the elastic o-rings at each visit and adjust tighten wires
  5. Removal of clear braces and wearing of retainers 
    • Panoramic x-rays are taken on post treatment results
    • An impression is taken of your new bite to make retainers
    • The retainers should be worn during night time or as directed by your orthodontist to prevent relapses

Recovery Expectations

Most people have some discomfort after their braces are first put on and/or after after of their elastic adjustment visits. During the first few days when braces are on, teeth feel sore and tender due to new biting forces pressures.

Some people may have a headache or jaw ache, you can usually manage this discomfort with pain medication. The lips, cheeks and tongue may also become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become accustomed to the surface of the braces.

Care for Tooth-Colored Braces

  1. Patients with braces must be careful to avoid hard and sticky foods that can cause teeth decay as they are more difficult to clean
  2. Please do not chew on pens, pencils or fingernails. Chewing on hard things can damage the braces. This will and can almost always cause treatment to take longer.
  3. Teeth and braces would need to be kept cleaned every day. You will need to maintain discipline and go for your monthly dentist adjustment visit for teeth alignment to be sucessful.  
  4. Follow your orthodontist directions on how often to brush, how often to floss and use other cleaning aids to help maintain good oral health and gums.

Non-visible Orthodontic Treatment

Other braces alternatives that are suitable for adults and individuals without the appearance of wearing braces.

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Types of Braces

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Clear Braces
clear braces
Self-Ligating Braces
Speed braces
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Lingual Braces
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Conclusion to Tooth-Colored Braces

Clear braces uses the same concept as metal braces but using tooth-colored brackets that may be made from ceramics or clear plastic. At BIDC, the braces system offered is from 3M Clarity.

Non-visible braces is an option chosen by adults. Advances in orthodontic technologies has made braces smaller, less visible and quicker. Aside from the standard 3M Clarity clear braces, there is also a self-ligating braces range called 3M Clarity SL speed braces known to reduce treatment visits.  

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