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3M Clarity Braces

Clarity™ Aesthetic Braces from 3M Unitek are clear braces that have clear brackets thus making orthodontic treatment less visible thus provides good aesthetics with translucent ceramic brackets. The translucent appearance does not stain or discolor.
Clarity SL Braces combines both above aesthetics and passive self-ligating brackets with high-tech archwire which means that there no elastic bands or o- rings are used. A clip on the bracket itself hold the archwire enabling lower forces and less visibility.
BIDC braces center is a certified authorized provider for 3M braces. 3M Unitek has a world-wide and an established reputation with more than 1 million patients that has been treated with 3M Clarity™ braces. 
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speed braces

3M Braces 

Non-visible orthodontics with 3M speed braces with its self-ligating brackets. Consult with one of our highly qualified orthodontist.

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Benefits of 3M Braces

  • The translucent ceramic brackets provides good aesthetics 
  • The dental braces move teeth with light or low forces
  • Fewer adjustments is required as compared to traditional braces for certain cases
  • For the self-ligating brackets, it allows the ease of oral care as elastic bands or o-rings are not used that tends to catch food

Types of 3M Braces

Clarity Braces
clarity braces

Clarity braces are clear braces. They have brackets that are transluent and require elastic o-rings to hold the titanium archwire in place.

Clarity SL Braces
3M Clarity Ultra SL

Clarity SL braces are clear as well as self-ligating. The brackets of its SL range have a special catch that holds the titanium archwire in place without the need for elastric o-rings.


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