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Teeth Implant Systems

There are a variety of teeth implant systems available on the market. The two most popular systems are the ITI Straumann and SIC Implants systems. Both companies have had long-standing histories in the field of producing dental implants and have their own ranges of lines. BIDC is an official Straumann dental implant and leading dental implant center in Thailand.

Straumann Implants
Straumann dental implants

Straumann implants has been a long established global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry from Switzerland. The Straumann SLA dental implant System is an ADA approved implant and boasts the highest success rate case studies compared to other implant systems globally. Within Struamann implanst there are various ranges including Straumann SLActive, Struamann Roxolid, Straumann Bone Level and BLX implants.

SIC Implants

SIC implants from SIC invent group has its development and production located in Germany and Switzerland. The SIC “Schilli Implantology Circle” is an international network of clinicians who has taken evidence through studies and application observations at leading universities, clinics, practices and dental laboratories and incorporated into the SIC implant systems. Its ranges include SICmax and SICtapered

PI Branemark
PI Branemark

P-I Brånemark : The P-I name comes from our founder, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the Swedish physician who researched and developed the combination of procedures and devices that today rehabilitate millions of people throughout the globe. He introduced Osseointegration to the World.

BIDC Dental Implant Center Specialists

Team of Highly Qualified Implantologists

The majority of our implantolgists are either international speakers in the field of implantology, scholars, professors and/or ex-lecturers at their universities. Several of our resident implant dentists have conducted courses and mini-residency training programmes teaching other dentists and specialists on the latest implant techniques and technologies.

Dentist Bangkok
teeth implant clinic
Top Thailand Implantologists
dental implant dentist

BIDC’s team of implantologists are amongst most well-experienced specialists in the country. Each of our resident implantologist has more than 10 years of experience in their field of specialty. Some of our implant dentist are the first of their batch graduated from overseas in USA and UK to institute new dental implant technologies and techniques to Thailand.  

From the inception of dental implants into Thailand till today, our team of implantologists continually develop and surpasses many of its achievements, teaching and setting the implant trends. We use the latest digital implant technologies and materials and are the FIRST in Thailand to use SLActive surfaces and BLX full arch restorations.

Dental Implant Systems
Implant Lab

BIDC is one of the few practices in Thailand that has an on-site dental laboratory within its dental building. Its dental lab is the FIRST fully digitalized lab able to produce customized abutment and all ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges. This means that your implant teeth is milled and made at our dental center.

Having an dental lab enables:

  • Same day or next day prostheses deliver
  • customization of abutment for any angulation and fit
  • made-to-fit zirconia crowns
  • our industrial CAD/CAM digital systems and milling machine allows higher temperature for stronger ceramic and quality crowns and bridges
  • lab technicians are on-site to make immediate adjustments on color shades, shape and add layering to your teethworks 
เทคโนโลยี CT Scan
planmeca digital scan
digital implant

Our leading team of implantologists at BIDC utilizes digital dentistry for your dental treatment. We are one of the few dental clinics able to provide and support end-to-end dental implant treatments using the latest digitalized technologies:

  1. 3D CBCT CT imaging scan and 2D panoramic x-rays 
  2. Computerized simulation and implant planning software to measure and provide proper diagnoses for implant placement
  3. 3D printed surgical implant guide to ensure precise implant placement
  4. Intra-oral dental scanners to take teeth impression after implant healing 
  5. The digital scans are sent digitally to our on-site dental lab that uses CAD/CAM to design and customize your implant abutment and zirconia crowns or bridges 
Dental Implant Technologies

Leading Dental Implant Center

BIDC is a top dental clinic in Thailand setting the benchmark for dental implant treatments. We are one of the FIRST to achieve and treat implant cases using the latest techniques and implant technologies.

Dental Implants Sytems

Dental Implants

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Case Indications for Dental Implants

Single Missing Tooth
implant crown

Single implant post with crown

Several Missing Teeth
implant bridge

Several implants with dental bridges over implants or implant crowns in multiple locations

All Missing Teeth
implant bridges

Edentulous jaw with prostheses over implants

Conclusion to Teeth Implant

There are various dental implant brands used globally. The 3 most common brands offered at BIDC are Straumann, SIC Swiss Implants and PI Branemark. With each brand of implant, there are various ranges of implant specifications. The implant specifications differ in properties on implant post surfaces, implant post material type and design. Therefore within each brand of implants, there are also different costs for dental implants.

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