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Nobel Bicoare Implants

Built on over 65 years ago in 1952 from founder professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration, Nobel Biocare company has one of the longest standing history of original scientific research and innovation in restorative and esthetic dentistry. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and dental implants are manufactured in the United States, Sweden and Japan. The swedish implant company has since introduced numerous advanced restorative and esthetic dental solutions including:

  1. NobelReplace and Replace Select Implants : standard implant sytsem
  2. NobelActive Implants : active surface implants for faster osseointegration
  3. Branemark Implants : the original implant system by Nobel Biocare. Today, its branemark zygoma implant range is mainly offered. 
  4. NobelSpeedy Implants : Malo All-on-4 patented implant system.
  5. Branemark Zygoma Implants : Long titanium implants supported by zygoma region

Other systems by Nobel Biocare

  • NobelPearl : a developing metal-free, two-piece ceramic dental implant system
  • NobelParallel : nobel biocare’s one implant system for implants in the anterior or posterior region. The implant uses straightforward and drill protocols. 
nobel biocare replace

NobelReplace (Select Straight) 

It is an Nobel Biocare’s established implant system. This is the original tapered implant by nobel biocare. It has a tight sealed connection and platform shifting for natural looking esthetics. NobelReplace and Replace Select mimics the shape of a natural tooth root and is designed to provide high primary stability.

nobel biocare nobelactive

NobelActive Implants 

NobelActive implants expands its NobelReplace tapered implants with double-lead thread design that condenses bone gradually. The apex with drilling blades enables a smaller osteotomy and its unique features to preserve the biology of marginal hard and soft tissues. NobelActive is ideal for cases where immediate Function is desired such as for All-on-4 cases. This implant range also has an unique oxidized TiUnite surface with more than 10 years of clinical experience and a mean survival rate of 98.5%* in over 41 studies, which evaluated over 14,300 implants in over 2,600 patients.

nobel biocare branemark

Brånemark implant

The Brånemark implant system is one of th world’s oldest and most scientifically documented implant system. It has been in clinical use for more than 45 years. The Brånemark System is the origin for the 52.5 mm zygoma implants but also has a 7 mm (standard implants) length. Branemark implants range includes Brånemark System Mk III, Brånemark System Mk IV, Brånemark System Mk III Shorty and Brånemark System Zygoma.

nobel biocare NobelSpeedy


NobelSpeedy is a NobelReplace implant just that it has a slightly tapered and fully threaded body. It is widely used as the implant system for full-arch restoration All-on-4 by Malo. Its sharp apex allows for underpreparation and bicortical anchorage. The Nobel Biocare implant is designed to maximize initial stability and support immediate loading protocols.


Zygoma implants

Zygoma implants are long branemark implants used in graftless solution for severe resorption in maxillary bone with an immediate loading protocol. The implants range from 30 mm to 52.5 mm in length and are available with either a machined or a TiUnite surface. Zygoma implants must be done under general anesthesia as the implants are placed up in the zygoma region.

Nobel biocare


NobelPearl provides proven strength in within the new area of ceramic implantology. It is a two-piece, reversible, cement-free internal connection designed implant system that has uses ceramic non-metal surfaces. Its internal abutment connection will still be made from metal for strength.

nobel biocare nobelparallel


The NobelParallel implant benefits from its excellent features, an efficient treatment flow for short treatment time and a straightforward surgical protocol that can be used in different bone densities. The system cover the majority of cases with one implant system for implants in the anterior or posterior region and for treating single tooth, multiple-teeth or full-arch restorations.

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Conclusion to Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare one of the longest and world leading implant-based dental company. BIDC has been well-established as one of Thailand’s top dental implant clinic in Thailand. Our dental center has coordinated with Nobel Biocare on various dental implant training including on All-on-4 immediate function implants. 

Within Nobel Bicoare, there are a variety of implant ranges that has evolved and developed over the years. The standard implants system is their NobelReplace range. NobelActive is the recommended range used for immediate implant, immediate load implant and All-on-4 concepts. NobelSpeedy implant is an alternative implant range developed by Malo for All-on-4 implant treatments with implant design on quicker bone drilling but without the active surface that NobelActive provides. The branemark implant is the original implant range for Nobel Biocare. Branemark range is also used for zygoma implants. Its all ceramic implants are NobelPearl.

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