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On March 13 2023, New York University  (NYU Dentistry) travelled to Thailand on a global outreach session in collaboration with Dental Corporation Public Company Limited to bring an esthetic dentistry lecture and introduce NYU’s international programme for graduate dentists at Bangkok International Dental Hospital Sukhumvit 2.

Our dental group were delighted to welcome the 3 members of NYU’s office was in attendance – Dr. Anabella Oquendo, Assistant Dean of International Programs and Program Director of the Esthetics International Programs; Eddie Rosenbaum, Director of Global Outreach; and Jennifer Hackleman, Assistant Director of International Recruitment and Admissions.

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Esthetics Lecture

Dr. Anabella Oquendo gave a lecture relating to current concepts in porcelain laminate veneers. The presentation explained the conservative enamel reduction makes porcelain veneers a more appealing and an integral part of today’s dentistry. Veneer preparation has currently evolved to an approach determined by the desire outcome relative to conventional steps. New materials such as Ivolcar Vivadent’s IPS Empress eMax ceramics, dental adhesives as well as techniques has facilitated and synergistically deliver more conservative restorations
with greater predictability. 

The lecture was delivered to over 20 invited dentists as well as broadcast online through the social media channel for Dental Vision Thailand and BIDH Dental Hospital.

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NYU Dentistry International Programs

Over a 2 day site to Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) and BIDH Dental Hospital, Mr Eddie and Ms Jennifer gave an overview of 4 advanced education programs for international dentists on comprehensive dentistry, oral surgery, implant dentistry, esthetic dentistry to our dental network groups dentists.

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American Certified Dentists 

A large percentage dental specialists at Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) are graduates from USA, UK and Europe. Our JCI accredited (USA) award-winning dental center is made possible only by qualified, well-experienced and a leading team of dentists.

Several of our dentists at BIDC are alumni of NYU Dentistry International Programs. 
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