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BIDC TV has been featured on Australian national television and local television networks as well as internet media. Since its establishment in early 2000, BIDC dental center has been a fore-front leader in providing international patient services for dental treatment services. 

Business Channel

business channel bidc tv

Business programmes features BIDC over cable television as a leading dental clinic on dental tourism treating international patients worldwide.

Lifestyle Channel

lifestyle channel bidc tv

Thai lifestyle channel introduces BIDC as a one-stop dental clinic treating patients on dental services including dental implants, smile makeover treatments as well as orthodontic treatments.

Education Television
education channel bidc tv

Lifestyle program Liza show on local television talks about having teeth whitening treatments done in Thailand.

Business Channels

BIDC is part of Thailand’s largest dental clinic network group, Dental Corporation PLC, listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. With over 15 years of history, BIDC was featured on BizTwist business channel and various national TNN24 business talks sessions.

Lifestyle Channels

Celebrities, models, actors, beauty queens has come to BIDC dental center for their dental treatments. With dental service specializations on dental veneers in aesthetic dentistry, invisible braces in orthodontics and professional dental implants in implantology, our patients has made patients reviews and blogs on their dental experience at BIDC. 

Operation Thailand
Operation Thailand

Education and Academic Channels

Our team of dentists at BIDC composes of the very best and top dentists in Thailand. Many of them are professors of top dental schools in Thailand with which they have been featured on various academic channels including on dental implantology and oral cancer treatments.

BIDC on Other Media Channels

Read more about BIDC on other media channels. See our Youtube Patient Reviews

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