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International Dental Patients Services

Thailand is growing as Asia’s next medical hub for its high standards and medical advancements. Doctors and surgeons undergo rigorous training at established medical institutions with continuous developments on their knowledge and skills. They are supported by qualified healthcare professionals and at reasonable costs.

Award-winning Dental Center in Thailand

BIDC is Thailand’s first and longest established Joint Commission International (JCI) gold quality standard center that has received numerous government and international awards. 

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Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) Excellence in Dentistry

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is a dedicated center specializing in the field of dentistry. BIDC has control checks set to ensure international and high sterilizations standards are met. Policies of transparency are followed whilst taking the time to educate each of our individual patient on their options and setting realistic targets. Our dental specialists and dentists are a selected group of qualified and skilled individuals chosen to treat our patients in their specific field of expertise.

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Services Catering to International Dental Patients

BIDC dental center is one of the first pioneer dental center in Thailand for dental tourism. We have been servicing patients since 2005 and have set the benchmark on industry standards for first-class dental services at affordable fees.  

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Services for International Patients
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BIDC Process Setup and Services for International Patient Services

International Quality and Sterilization Standards
JCI Bangkok Dental Hospital

BIDC is certified for its quality management system

  • JCI Accredited
  • ISO Accredited
  • Won Awards for Quality & Export of Dental Services
  • International Sterilization Standards & Patient Safety Focus

Our dental center is Thailand’s first and oldest JCI accredited dental center. 

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Standardized and Transparent Treatment Fees
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We have a fixed, transparent and standardized fees policy. We assure our patients on non-discriminatory treatment fees. Local and international patients are charged the same prices without double standards.

We keep our treatment fees affordable whilst also emphasizing on a safe, sterilized and clean environment for our patients.  

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Professional English-speaking Dentists
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Treatment at BIDC is done by a specialists referral system. Your treatment plan is first assessed by our consultant dentist. Thereafter each portion of your dental work is assigned to corresponding dental specialists who are given specific privileges in their field of expertise(s). 

The majority of our dental specialists are overseas board certified from USA, UK, Europe. They are mainly professors/ lecturers at top dental schools in Thailand. Each of our dentist has more than 10 years of experience in their field of specialities.

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One-stop Center - Effective & Quick Treatment

At BIDC, quality, speed and effectiveness of treatments plays an important role for international patients:

  • on-site dental laboratory for quick teeth work delivery
  • uses digital dentistry for increased precision on diagnoses & treatment
  • uses advance materials & technologies allow more effective treatment timings

The quality of natural-looking teeth works in getting that beautiful smile is dependent not just on your dentist but also on the dental lab technician. As BIDC has a digital dental laboratory within its building, cosmetic porcelain teeth-works are selected at the chair-side with your lab technician.

Digital Dental Lab
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