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Dental Payments Options

Our treatment fees are standardized fixed prices and we have a policy that we do not discriminate our fees between foreign or local patients.

For international patients traveling from overseas to seek treatment in Thailand, BIDC offers online draft costs estimate. If you have existing x-rays, local treatment plan and/or photos on hand, please forward them to us. Our dental consultant will then help to draw up a draft cost estimate for your requested treatments. If you do not have such information and are unsure on what is required, simply tell us your problems and your dental concerns. We will guide you through as much as we can. Treatment fees is dependent on an actual examination and assessment, thus the quoted fees is simply an draft estimate prior to your visit.

BIDC is a JCI accredited dental center and adhere by strict sterilization standards and policies. Therefore, please note that there will be a sterilization charge of THB 120 to 220 per visit. This small expense is used to ensure patient safety mechanisms for registered nurse screening, strict sterilization and infection prevention controls to make your visit a safe one. We do not charge for consultation with our dentist, so please do feel free to highlight any issues and concerns you may have.

BIDC provides corporate accommodations rates with hotels nearby our dental center for our patient conveniences. If are an international patient planning a dental trip into Thailand, we are happy to provide you with the draft total cost of your trip.

Forms of Dental Payments

BIDC accepts several forms of dental payments:

  1. Thai baht cash
  2. Credit card (VISA, Master)
  3. Bank transfer 
  4. Insurance claims

Thai Baht Cash

Thai baht currency may be first exchanged back home. If bringing foreign currencies or traveller’s cheques, this can be converted to Thai baht cash at any local banks on any working days Monday to Friday. We do apologis that BIDC does not take foreign currencies directly.

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2. Credit Card Payments

For the use of oversea credit card, please do kindly inform your credit card company the estimated amounts and transactions that will be processed in Thailand prior to travel. Many credit card companies (especially in the USA, Europe and Australia) do require overseas activation to prevent security fraud.

For cards with combined debit and credit accounts, our payment system at BIDC normally deducts amounts off the credit account relative to the debit account. Please do ensure your credit card account is activated prior to your travel. You may also like to inform your bank to place amounts within the credit account of your card.

We accept all major credit cards at our clinic at no extra charge. The daily current exchange rates from Thai baht to your home currency is determined by your credit card company and not by us. Exchange rates may vary for different of credit cards and banks. Certain banks charge a service fees or other charges for overseas credit card transactional use. Therefore, you may like to do a quick check on their rates prior to its use overseas. Our center does not dictate and are we involved on the stated credit card exchange rates. A general current currency exchange may be determined at currency converter website.

Credit card exchange rates are normally lower that of direct bank transfer exchanges rates or cash conversions rates. You may thus like to consider other forms of payment if the exchanges rate is a factor of concern for you.

Payment Channels

Payment Channels

3. Bank Transfers

For extensive dental works done, direct bank transfers by SWIFT code prior to your travel may be considered. Please contact us if you require more dental payments information on direct bank transfer.

4. Insurance Claims

If you plan to claim insurances, please do kindly inform our front line counter staff in advance for us to prepare documentation process for you. We will provide official receipts, medical certificate and treatment expense reports. If your insurance company requires specific forms to be filled in, simply pass them on in advance to our front line counter staff to allow us sufficient timings to processing of the forms. We will place in the correct international codes and get your dentist to sign off the forms.

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For overseas insurance claims, you are able to check with your insurance companies if your coverage may extend to overseas providers that certain insurance companies and countries do permit. Your insurance company will then provide your with the corresponding specific forms. And we can have these filled in for you. Teeth numbering systems for USA and Europe differs and procedure coding may differ. If your insurance company requires treatment details, please do kindly inform us on your country for insurance claims so we can properly process your forms for you.

BIDC dental center also works with various major local insurance alliance companies within Thailand. Therefore, if you hold any dental insurance card, please check with our staff at BIDC if our dental group works with your insurance company on cashless direct claims for you. 

Insurance Alliances
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