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Dental Implants Technologies

A dental implant is a prosthetic device, made of titanium or Roxolid, which is implanted beneath the oral tissues and within the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable prosthesis. If properly care for, many years of successful use of the dental implant can be expected.

Dental implants provide advantages over other conventional restorative dental works:

  • Unlike conventional bridgework, dental implants can provide tooth replacement without the need to cut down adjacent teeth.
  • Dental implants also prevent the loss of bone in the area of the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth with an implant restores function to the bone and prevents the resorption of the bone.
  • Dental implants can also be used to anchor full or partial removable dentures. This provides much greater retention and security than traditional techniques.


Advancement in Implant Technologies and Techniques

Dental implants have significantly improved in the past 20 years. The understanding of the site requirements and placement procedures that are necessary to ensure primary stability have advanced considerably. Implant designs and surface treatments have also evolved. This has lead to high success rates for dental implant treatments with patients reporting greater comfort level.

  1. 3D CT Scan & Digital Tomography for Treatment Diagnoses
  2. 3D Dental Imaging for Treatment Planning
  3. CoDignaostiX™ Guided Surgery
  4. Ultrasonics Generators for Pre-surgery Preparation
  5. Dental Implant Surgical Set
  6. Dental Implant Motor System
  7. Innovative Implant Surface for Faster Osseointegration
  8. Regenerative Systems for Soft Tissue Support

1. Digital Tomography for 3D Implant Surgery Planning

The increasing use of osseo-integrated implants has created a wider demand for radiographic techniques in the pre-surgical and post-operative evaluation of the patient. Correct topographical information is required on the prospective site for planning the implant location.

BIDC uses Planmeca ProMax digital CT Scan and Planmeca ProMax digital x-rays that has effective tomography programs which meet these demands. Planmeca Promax combines several imaging modalities into one intelligent X-ray unit.

  • Panoramic radiography for general diagnostics of the tooth arch and the jaw.
  • Advanced panoramic radiography for specific diagnostics of the tooth arch, the jaw, maxillary sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints.
  • Dental tomographic slices for detailed morphologic diagnostics of facial bones.
  • Cephalometry for imaging of the skull

Planmeca ProMax offers four digital tomography systems: linear tomography and true linear tomography for film tomography and digital linear tomography and Transtomography for digital systems. Planmeca ProMax tomography system produces straight tomographic slices of any part of the maxilla,mandible or temporomandibular joints. The tomograms can be cross-sectional or longitudinal and are adjustable to any specific angle. Adjustable and uniform image thickness of 1, 3, 6, 9, 18, or 36 mm maximizes the diagnostic value and provides excellent details.

Digital Tomography

Tomography systems from Promax digital x-rays and CT Scans enables cross-sectional and specific angel viewing for dental implant planning


2. 3D CT Dental Implants Imaging

3D Computerized Technology Scans and pre-operative planning dental implant software are now also available that provides an increased level of confidence:

  • viewing functionalities of axial, sagital and coronal images as well as cross-sections and panoramic images
  • 3D visualization and simulattion of implant placement and bone augmentation procedures
  • a constant tool for clear communication between all members
  • provides accurate and comprehensive information about the patient's anatomy
  • enables flapless surgery whereby no incisions are made in the patient’s mouth
  • provides comprehensive, non-distorted data describing your patient's bone quantity and quality

With dental implant planning software, surprises during surgery is eliminates and enables an extra margin of safety for patients.

3D Imaging

Advance software enables implant treatment to be planned prior to surgery


3. CoDignaostiX™ Guided Surgery

Apart from diagnostic 3D CT Scans and imaging,  BIDC also offers the groundbreaking guided surgery by Straumann that integrates drill guide and prosthesis design and fabrication allowing the seamless integration of preoperative and prosthetic procedures.

  • this enables prosthetic-driven planning whereby software is used to provide a comprehensive visualization of implant site and allow real prosthetic-driven implant planning to achieve predictable results
  • coDiagnostiX™ supports digital drill guide design and fabrication directly and allows the design of drill guides with various combination of teeth and bone support
  • coDiagnostiX™ supports the planning process by showing warnings if implants are too close to the mandible nerve canals or to other planned implants

CoDiagnostiX™ enables smoother and a safer surgical workflow to prosethetics for patients.

coDiagnostiX™ Guided Surgery

dental implant guided surgery coDignaostix
coDiagnostiX™ enables prosthetics pre-planning during prior to surgery for predictable, faster and smoother implant treatment process


4. Ultrasonics Generators for Pre-Surgery Preparation

BIDC uses the Piezotome ultrasonics generator machine by Acteon for sinus lift treatments and pre-implant surgery that is used during osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus lift, syndesmotomy procedures prior to dental implant placement.

The modulated piezo signal (alternation between high and low amplitudes of signal) allows tissue relaxation and optimal cell repair for a clean cut and better healing. The generator also preserves soft tissue and delicate anatomical components (nerves, arteries and mucous membranes as becomes inactive on selective soft tissue cut, thus limiting all risks of injury.

Benefits of the piezotome unit thus includes:

  • Fast healing and reduced post-operative pain with the use of piezoelectric instruments reduces trauma.
  • There is no intraosseous temperature increase, so necrosis risk is limited
  • The units tips' slimness enables a very precise cut, promoting bone preservation
  • Irrigation with the Piezotome handpiece has a hemostatic effect on the cut surfaces due to cavitation and in part to the production of nascent oxygen
  • The piezoelectric effect creates a regular movement without extraneous vibrations for increased patient comfort

Pre-Implant Surgery Preparation

implant modulation
The ultrasonics generator allows tissue relaxation and optimal cell repair for a clean cut and better healing
The ultrasonics generator allows tissue relaxation and optimal cell repair for a clean cut and better healing


5. Dental Implant Surgical Set for Safer Impant Surgery

Dental implant surgical cassette is designed for secure storage and sterilization of surgical instruments and auxiliary parts. The dental implant surgical set is normally composed for a simple color-coded application pathways layout that is based on surgical procedures. The convenient format for all instruments needed for the implantation enables dentists to clearly arranged and organize their dental implant treatment procedure readily for stream-lined process.

BIDC implantologist and surgeons conducts a Pre-Verification Check Before Surgical Treatments are Performed

dental implant surgery
Dental implant sets are organized and clearly labelled for easy implant surgery readiness check


6. Dental Implant Motor System

The MD 30 Implantology Motor System is the convincing result of 40 years of research and development in the field of implantology. The motor system is an outstanding solution providing implantologists with sterilization features enabling dental implant placement quick and safely:

  • Light and compact housing with easy to clean surfaces for safe hygiene
  • Work steps are large, simple and clearly arranged on display with high contrast for clear visibility
  • Easy to insert tube set with low noise pump drive for patient comfort
  • The dual motor principle is unique in this class. It saves cubersome reconfiguration of the handpieces and contra angles and saves time for quick reaction
  • Integrated calibration functin for every contra angle for precise results.

Implant Motor System

dental implant nouvag
Low noise motor system for quick and effective implant placement


7. Innovative Dental Implant Surfaces for Faster Osseointegration Process & Materials for Strength

Material developments and techniques such as the titanum oxide layer on dental implant surfaces has now allows shorter treatment time such as using SLA dental implants by Straumann or Nobel Biocare Implants. In addition to this chemically active surface such as the SLActive surface and NobelActive had enhanced osseointegration between bone and implant.

SLActive dental implants by ITI Struamann has has a chemically active and hydrophilic surface that significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing for a faster osseointegration process and higher implant stability. Straumann SLActive dental implant surfaces enables additional condifidence for one day implants, same day implants, immediate loaded implants as well as full mouth/arch implant cases cutting down the healing treatment requirements from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks.

  • Faster osseointegration
  • Immediate Function for patients
  • Enhanced bone formation processes.Ideal texture and porosity for bone apposition
  • Higher implant stability during the early critical weeks of osseointegration (removal torque)
  • Substantially increased protein adsorption. Its structure most similar to human cancellous bone thus absorbs blood proteins, aids bone growth
  • Soft Tissue integration for healthy connective/epithelial tissue and a natural looking gingiva

TiO + Chemical Active Surface

Chemically Active Implant Surface for Faster Implant and Bone Integration

Faster Healing Time

The optimized osseointegration process with SLActive® leads to a higher implant stability between week 2 and 4

Higher Treatment Predictability

slactive implants
This substantially higher bone-to-implant contact (BIC) BIC-value results in improved treatment predictability and helps to minimize the potential for early implant failures. 

Aside from innovative new surfaces, new implants materials such as Straumann Roxolid implants and Straumann Bone Level implants has enabled smaller stronger implants to be fitted and with increased better aesthetics.


8. Regenerative Systems with Membranes

With advancement in periodontal and implant techniques, post implant surgery periodontal regeneration treatment is now available to enable faster treatment timings and increased success for implant osseointegration.

The development of new types of membrane such as Straumann's Emdogain uses breakthrough knowledge of the basic biology of tooth development, enamel matrix proteins to support the development of tooth-supporting tissues. Comprised of various proteins, the manbrane self-assemble to create a matrix and formation of cementum on the root of the developing tooth, allowing a foundation for all necessary tissues associated with a true functional attachment.

By mimicking the biological processes of natural tooth development, Straumann's Emdogain forms an insoluble three dimensional extra-cellular matrix. This matrix remains on the root surface for 2-4 weeks and allows for the selective colonization, proliferation and differentiation of cells.

Tissue Regeneration

implant bonegraft
Emdogain stimulates the biological processes of natural tooth development for regeneration of lost periodontal hard and soft tissues

Higher Treatment Predictability

The gel-like consistency of regenerative menbrane, MembraGel, allows for the precise application to the surgical site and stabilizes the underlying bon regeneration