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Sterilization Indicators

BIDC takes an additional infection control and sterilizations is of top priority. Sterilization indicators are used to test the effectiveness of sterilization efforts. In addition to conventional dental sterilization equipments, BIDC takes an ddtional step as part of our strict sterilization standards to use sterilization indicators including labelling expiry dates, chemical indicators and biological indicators. Steriliation indicators are additional steps beyond required local standards are performed in double-checking our infection prevention and control as well as patient safety.
Sterilizations indicators include:

  1. Chemical Monitoring indicators
  2. Biological Monitoring indicators


1. Chemical Monitoring System by 3M SteriGage

The 3M Comply SteriGage chemical integrator is designed to monitor exposure to steam or EO conditions in a pack. At BIDC, a SteriGage chemical integrator is inserted in every critical item's viewpack prior to exposing the instrument in high temperature autoclave units.
The SteriGage chemical indicator provides a visual accept/reject readout to validate that the sterilant has penetrated to the point of placement in the pack and confirm that sufficient exposure conditions have occurred. Chemical indicators is not a requirement by local laws, BIDC however focuses and looks after its sterilization process at strict levels and takes this additional step in checking if every critical item is properly sterilized. 

Our dental supply and dental assistant staff does a visual check on the viewpack on the SteriGage chemical indicator for total sterilisation after autoclaving, before instrument dispensing and on opening the viewpack in the treatment rooms.


2. Biological Monitoring System by 3M Attest Sterilization

Chemical indicators are also used daily to check our sterilization machines used to autoclave instruments and equipments. BIDC goes beyond another step for the highest level of sterilization verification using biological monitoring.
Simply having pressure-steam machines or autoclaves does not garanteed total sterilization. Chemical indicators test to a certain extent that high temperature autoclave has occured, only a biological test indicator verifies biological evidence that all micro-organisms are inactive.
BIDC uses the advance Biological Sterilization Indicator Verification System called 3M Attest to monitor, test and verify the effectiveness of our sterilization efforts and processes in ensuring patient safety for our critical items. The 3M Attest sterilization is a proven and reliable system with a track record of a 20 year product history to verify the effectiveness of sterilization efforts.
Biological indicators are the only method that indicates the sterilization process was effective and the spores were killed. A nonpathogenic but highly resistant spore, Geobacillus sterothermophilus is used to provide a maximum challenge to the steam sterilization process.
Benefits of the Attest system includes:

  • Self-contained biological indicators.
  • Design provides a maximum challenge to various steam sterilization cycles.
  • A spore burden beyond the average bioburden (germ count) provides an extra margin of safety.
  • Optimized media promote rapid growth of spores.
  • Definitive color change of the media indicates sterilization process ineffectiveness.
  • The 3M Rapid Attest enables quick verification time of just 3 hours versus a 24 hours (1261), 48 hours (1262) or other one-week mail-in services.

3M Attest Verification System on Sterilization Efforts

Biological indicators are the only method that indicates the sterilization process was effective and the spores were killed