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Thailand's Leading Straumann Dental Implant Center

Thailand's Top Dental Implant Clinic

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) has been at the fore-front of dental implant technologies, developments and innovation. BIDC is an official associate partner of Straumann dental implants, one of the most estalished and world's top implant system from Switzerland. Having successfully placed thousands of Straumann implants per year within the country in restoring smiles including full mouth missing gaps, BIDC is a elite top provider for Straumann implant in Thailand given an award as Straumann's Top Associate Partner.
BIDC's strength as a top dental implant center lays due to its highly certified and well experienced team of implantologists and implant prosthodontists. BIDC has one of the highest concentration of ITI Fellow implantologist scholars many of whom are USA graduates. All our implantologists and implant prosthodontist has over 10 years of experience and our group of implant specialists are verified as well as granted the scope privileges for implant treatment.
BIDC is the first dental center Thailand to have used the Roxolid and Bone Level implants and maintains its positioning keeping in line with the on-going continous developments on denntal implant technologies. Our dental clinics utlizies 3D CT Scans, digitalized x-ray machines, surgicial safety units, CoDiagnostix 3D Digital Guide and abides by a strict treatment pathway for all our surgical cases complying with JCI standards.


CoDiagnostix 3D Surgical Implant Guide

3D Implant Surgical Guide at BIDC 

BIDC implantologists is one of the first dental center in the country to utilize Struamann's CoDiagnotix 3D surgical guide implant software in Thailand to enable the complete implant treatment processes from post implant prosthees to implant placement to be integrated and pre-planned using the latest 3D implant surgical guide software leading the way on advance implant technologies and methodology. 


ITI world Symposium 2017

BIDC at Straumann Implant Production in Villeret (Switzerland)

Struamann showcases its production facilities in Villeret Switzerland for its high standard Swiss quality implants with high quality standard checks and source materials. BIDC's team of dental implantologists also visits the ITI world Symposium 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland vieiwing its dental implant digital technologies and the launch of all ceramic dental implants.

Straumann CEO Marco Gadola Visits BIDC

Straumann CEO Marco Gadola visits BIDC recognizing the Thailand center as an important allliance partner in servicing patients in the region for Straumann dental implants treatments.  

Straumann CEO Marco Gadola visits BIDC Thailand


Straumann Top Associate Partner Award

Straumann (Switzerland) presents BIDC with their top associate partner award for having successfully placed one of the highest number of Straumann dental implants globally.
Straumann Award    Strumann trophy

Picture of CEO of Bangkok International Dental Center receiving Straumann top associate partner award


Picture of stuff from Bangkok International Dental Center participating ITI world Symposium

ITI World Symposium in Geneva

The ITI world Symposium 2014 hosted by ITI Straumann is an annual convention even held in Geneva, Switzerland. ITI Straumann Fellowships from around the world gather to share and exchange on the latest developments, innovations and ideas on dental implant technologies.


Asia Pacific Executive Vice-President of Straumann & BIDC at IDS in Germany Cologne 

The International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne is the world's leading dental trade fair In 2013, the dental show attracted 125,000 trade visitors from 149 countries. This year 2,058 companies from 56 countries presented a wide range of innovations, products and services on 150,000 square metres of exhibition area.

Dr Alexander Ochsner, Executive Vice President APAC and Member of the Executive Committee with BIDC's CEO Dr Pornsak Tantapakul at IDS (photo on bottom left) shares their views on the developments and innovations in the dental implant field. Mr Frank Hemm, Executive Vice President EMEA, LATAM from Straumann (photo on bottom right) also met up with BIDC CEO.

Picture of International Dental Show(IDS) 2013
Picture showing meeting between CEO of Bangkok International Dental Center and  EVP APAC, Dr. Alexander Ochsner


ITI Congress in Japan

Achievement in dental implants dentistry was the focus of Straumann International Team for Implantology (ITI) congress in Japan in 2012. The ITI Congress meeting is held annually at different locations around the world is enabling for dentists and researchers who are engaged in implantology to share and learn about related dental implant and tissue regeneration topics.

Picture showing participation from CEO of Bangkok International Dental Center in ITI congress 2012 in Japan


Past CEOs of Straumann, Mr Gilbert Achermann, Mr Beat Spalinger Visits BIDC Straumann Implant Center in Thailand

BIDC receives Mr Gilbert Achermann, Chairman of the Board and President & Chief Executive Officer of Straumann Holding AG, and Mr Frank Hemm, Executive Vice President EMEA, LATAM from Straumann, headquartered in Switzerland. Straumann is a global leader in dental implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration.

In collaboration with leading clinics, research institutes, universities and alliances, Straumann is currently the only company in the dental sector that offers surgical, restorative and regenerative solutions - from bone augmentation and tissue regeneration, through implants and prosthetics, to individualized crowns and bridges.

Picture showing executives from Straumann's visit to Bangkok International Dental Center


Picture showing CEO of Bangkok International Dental Center met with  executives from Straumann

Past CEOs of Struamann Holding AG, including Mr Beat Spalinger (2nd person from right). Mr Beat Spalinger made a visits to BIDC dental implant center in Thailand in 2012, recognizing BIDC as a significant contributor and dental implant center within the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Beat Spalinger served as the Chief Executive Officer and President at Straumann Holding AG since 2010.


Straumann at BIDC Event Press Release

Straumann's attends BIDC's 5 Years Success Celebration in marking the dental clinic's achievement in attaining Thailand Prime Minister's Export Award 2010 as well as Baipo Business Award for Quality, Branding and Customer Focus.

Picture showing Straumann's management team attending 5 years success celebration event of Bangkok International Dental Center


Picture showing ITI training course by Straumann in Bangkok International Dental Center

Straumann Dental Implant Training Courses

ITI led by implantologists within ITI Fellowship conducts annual training courses in Thailand. ITI is an independent medical and scientific network of internationally renowned specialists that share the goal of advancing techniques and treatment options in implant dentistry. ITI has more than 1200 members around the world in ensuring that ITI treatment-methods are accessible to professionals through courses, meetings and congresses. A series of training courses on the field of implantology in Thailand was conducted by Straumann company at BIDC over the past years.

The straumann dental implant system is one of the top implant systems currently boasting the highest historical success case studies rates relative to other dental implant systems on the marketing. Struamann conducts annual training courses on dental implants in Thailand at BIDC in updating the continous developments in techniques and materials to dentists in Thailand.

Picture of participants of ITI training course in Bangkok International Dental Center


Picture of sharing in the ITI training course in Bangkok International Dental Center

Straumann believes in a holistic approach and the concept of continual training across the broad spectrum of the implant treatment process including the dental technicians community.
Instructors David Dias and Ulrike Lackner, instructors for corporate education from the Institut Straumann AG, Switzerland conducted the Straumann Dental Implant System Dental Technicians Course.

Snapshots of ITI training course by Straumann in Bangkok International Dental Center

The first series of training courses on the field of implantology in Thailand was conducted by Straumann company at BIDC back in 2006. The regional head of Straumann Dental Implants, headquartered in Switzerland, was present in his recognition and support for the continuous development and training of professionals in the field of implantology in Asia.


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