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JCI Accreditation

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is proud on its achievement as the FIRST dental clinic in Thailand to attain the American based Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards. The Joint Commission International Accreditation imposes high levels of patient safety and evident based quality standards within ambulatory care centers in a clinical setting. This means that patients seeking treatment patients at BIDC receives a similiar level of uniform access, care and treatment as that across internationally JCI accredited medical facilities around the world.

BIDC achieved its JCI accreditation since 2010. In 2015, the dental center under went the latest and increasingly stringent 3rd version of JCI standards for its triennial accreditation and audit. The latest JCI standards adds increased standards on procurement, governance and quality management. 

The JCI accreditation is a based on scientific evident standards applying to the clinical and medical sector that focuses on patient care. The standards uses protocols from international organisations such as CDC, AAMI, WHO, ADA for infection prevention and controls, facility and safety, medication safety, prescription, administration and use.

Picture Showing CEO of Bangkok International Dental Center receiving JCA Accreditation
Picture of the actual JCI Accreditation awarded by Bangkok International Dental Center

JCI Standards at BIDC

Our dental supply and sterilization processes are scrutinized with multiple test checks (chemical and biologial indicators) to ensure all our dental instruments and equipments are safe for patient use. All our dental instruments and equipments are have designated and separate cleaning areas. Dentists and staff adheres with strict hand hygiene standards and protective wear. Disposal items where possible are used with our patients in minimizing possible cross-contamination.

Following JCI guidelines, clinical and non-clinical performance measurements are implemented, monitored and evaluated for continous improvement at BIDC. Patients are thus given assurance on having levels of quality controls for patient safety before, during and after treatment.

BIDC makes history as the first private dental center in the Asian Economic Community (AEC) to be JCI accredited. BIDC dental clinic is amongst the handful of dental clinics around the world with the American based standards in place. In Thailand, BIDC is one of the first few ambulatory care facility to be JCI accredited.

Joint Comission International (JCI) works with health care organizations and governments to promote rigorous standards of care and provide solutions for achieving peak performance.


Snapshots of JCI Survey

JCI Survey on Infection Prevention & Controls, Faclities & Medication Safety

Picture of JCI management team having sterilization equipment check
Sterilization Equipment Check
Picture of JCI management team having radiation safety check
Radiation Safety Check
Picture of JCI management team having medication check
Medication Check


Award-winning Dental Center

BIDC has also won numerous awards from both the private and the public sector and accomplished other quality standards: