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Below are stories from patients by Video and by Photos of cases done at Bangkok Interational

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Video Testimonials Cases of actual patients treated at BIDC from Australia, New Zealand, United States, United kingdom have travelled to have major dental work done including full jaw implants, full mouth rehabilitation with crowns, veneers for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Watch more than 80 videos on reviews on BIDC's YouTube channel.

Photo Tesimonials and patient reviews about their dental experience on their Thailand dentists, dental treatment, facilities and customer services received at BIDC. See photos of patients from various countries around the world.



BIDC Case Gallery

See more smaple cases of acutal BIDC patients done by our dental specialists. BIDC has a team of

Dental Makeover Cases

Full mouth and full jaw dental makeovers cases involve restoring teeth and missing gaps using a variety of dental treatments that may include veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, gums crowns lenghtening and teeth whitening in getting back bite function and natural-looking aesthetic teeth.

Crowns and Veneers Cases

Crowns and Veneers Cases are used to restore damaged, chipped and mishap teeth as well as close gaps and even straighten mildly-crooked teeth. Crowns and veneers are commonly used in dental makeovers to change teeth color shades, cover white spots or stains on teeth and change irregularly-shaped teeth.

Bridges and Dentures Cases

Bridges and dentures Cases are used to replace missing gaps enabling patient to bite again. Bridges and dentures are tooth replacement solutions normally used where there are existing healthy teeth in supporting the prosthetic teeth. Besides bridges and dentures, dental implants are good alternate teeth replacement options.

Dental Implants Cases

Dental Implants Cases at BIDC are done by only by certified implantologists and oral surgeons that specializes in the field of dental implants. Prosthetics on implants such as crowns, bridges and overdentures are also done only by skilled prosthdontists given specific privileges in dental implantology prosthetics.

Invisalign braces Cases

invisalign Cases at BIDC are treated by Invisalign certified orthodontists. BIDC one of Thailand's top provider for Invisalign clear orthodontic treatment aligners having received the Invisalign Diamond Provider Award and being an Platinum Provider since 2013. BIDC uses advance digital impression technologies and Align's computer simulation.