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Insurance Alliances

BIDC partners with dental insurance providers both locally in Thailand and from overseas. Customers with local or international medical insurance may check with our staff on insurance claims or proper filling in of their insurance forms and documentation provision.

BIDC is a registered company in Thailand following the accounting standards of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Our Thailand dental center is Joint Commission International (JCI) certified abiding by American-based medical care standards. We insurance partners for direct claims billing, BIDC will request our partners on their business registration documentation for third party audit purposes and will also provide your insurance companies with the relevant legitimate documentations.

Insurance and medical companies are able to contact us with subject header “Dental Insurance Partners with BIDC” for more information on your relations to Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC). 

Our Insurance Partners

Below are some of our current insurance alliances that BIDC dental center partners with. Policies on insurances claims between countries and patients schemes do differ, therefore please do feel free to inform our customer care team in advance to check on your individual insurance schemes prior to start of treatments if your insurance claims is your main or one of your payment options

For overseas insurance claims, BIDC is able to process your claim forms and will provide you with official receipts. Please do however inform our customer care team in advance on any required forms as it may take time to get complete the forms with the correct codes and get sign-off on reports from your respective dentist after your dental treatment procedures. 

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