CT Scan - Precise & Sharp Digital Imaging

BIDC is one of the few dental clinics in Bangkok with its own 3D CT Scan machine on-site at BIDC building enable faster treatment diagnoses without the need of being referred to a secondary x-ray center.

The Planmeca ProMax 3D concept performs everything from the minutest detail to full maxillofacial image. The possibility to select the imaging area according to the actual imaging need increases the imaging effectiveness and reduces patient dose exposure to radiation. Planmeca ProMax 3D family offers a solution for the demanding imaging needs with various imaging sizes enabling imaging size for different maxillofacial applications.

CT Scan Room at BIDC 
Picture of CT scan room in Bangkok International Dental Center
Dedicated dental assistance checks, calibration & radiation safety of CT scans and x-rays at BIDC

Immediate Accurate Dental Images For Dignoses

The direct deposit CSI semiconductor flat panel produces accurate, distortion-free images for 3D reconstruction. Unlike image intensifier sensors that use old vacuum tube technology and multi-step focusing, flat panels use single step image readouts with no geometric distortion, no loss of sensitivity, and therefore no need for frequent calibration yet providing accurate imaging.


Captured x-ray images are immediately sent to treatment rooms without any wait time for dentists diagnoses and treatment planning with patient. The digital images discards the need for conventional chemical base film processing.


Planmeca ProMax 3D concept is expressly designed to comply with the needs of modern surgical dentistry.  The 3D CT Scan unit complies with a multitude of diagnostic requirements including endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology, dental and maxillofacial surgery, and TMJ analysis.  With all the Planmeca ProMax 3D models CT machine, study volume sizes are selectable to meet diagnostic needs without excess radiation outside the area of interest.

Online Instant Images

Picture showing instant imaging technology in Bangkok International Dental Center
Immediate after CT Scans are taken, images instantly appear in treatment rooms. Dentists and patients are able to view images on consult and on treatment dental units.

Pulsed Exposures for Lower X-ray Radiation Dosage

During the scan, each image is made using a short X-ray pulse instead of continuous radiation. The total scanning time is 18 seconds, but the actual exposure time is only 3 - 12 seconds.
The technique reduces patient radiation dose considerably and forms a stroboscopic X-ray effect which, together with the shortened rotation scan (only 200 degrees), virtually eliminates artefacts, contributing to the outstanding image quality.
Radation safety is checked, recorded and measure for radiation safety and patient safety as part of JCI standards.

Radiation Safety

Dental assistance places lead aprons for protection

Romexis Software for Digitalized Treatment & Dental Planning

The Planmeca Romexis 3D Explorer, the 3D digital imaging acquisition software for Planmeca ProMax 3D CT Scan machine, enables flexible viewing in all three relevant projections: axial, coronal, and sagittal. The software incorporates a re-slicing feature, which enhances the projections and enables real-time three-dimensional viewing in the desired angle. A rendered 3D view provides a realistic overview of the anatomy.

Computerized X-ray Digital Imaging Software Planning

Picture of Romexis software for imaging in Bangkok International Dental Center
Romexis software supports imaging viewing for diagnoses
Picture showing 3D modelling technology for viewing jaw and teeth
3D models may be viewed of jaw and teeth
Picture of zoomed in image for detail diagnose
Areas of treatments may be zoomed in for analyses