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X-ray Machines

With today's advancement in digital x-rays systems, radiation dosage exposure to patients is now dramatically reduced to extermely low levels compared to conventional film x-rays. Digital x-rays not only benefits the patient safety but enables clearer and sharper imaging to be done.

BIDC is fully equipped with our own CT Scans, x-ray machines and in-house film processor. Our dental clinics uses digitalized technologies without the need for any chemical base film development. This enables our patients to get their diagnosis results instantly and treatment plan drawn up effectively in one visit.

  1. Digitalized CT Scan Machine
  2. Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray Machines
  3. Digital Intra-Oral X-ray Machines
  4. Digital Film Processor


1. Digital 3D Computerized Technology CT Scan

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the first dental clinic in Thailand utilizing the latest ProMax 3D CT Scans. The Planmeaca ProMax 3D is designed to obatin complete information on patient anatomy.
Planmeca ProMax 3D concept is an intelligent and multipurpose X-ray unit series designed to obtain complete information on patient anatomy in the minutest detail. The units provide digital panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging, as well as advanced imaging software tools to comply with every possible need in dental radiology.

X-ray Rooms at BIDC

Picture of Planmeca Promax 3D in Bangkok International Dental Center
Planmeca Promax 3D
Picture showing radiation safety check procedure
Dedicated dental assistance checks radiation safety

Planmeca ProMax 3Ds is ideal for imaging of small details, the 3D concept covers the whole dentition area and enables imaging of the whole maxillofacial region. Read more on the Planmeca ProMax 3D CT Scan. Read more on Planmeca ProMax 3D CT Scan at BIDC.


2. Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray Machines

Besides the Planmeca ProMax 3D CT scan, BIDC also uses the digital specialized panoramic and cephalometric x-ray from the Planmeca Promax range, Promax 2D. The Promax 2D provides high image quality, ease of operation and wide range of exposure similiar to its 3D counterparts.

With vertical segmenting, the exposed area can be limited only to the area of diagnostic interest. Simple selection on the main display, and the patient dose can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a full area panoramic exposure. This is highly advantageous and radiation hygienic in cases where a follow-up image is needed of a limited part of the jaw.

Promax Panoramic & Celpholmetric X-rays

Digital panoramic x-ray with lower dosage exposure to patients
Digital panoramic with zoom in capabilities is sent immediately on screen to treatment rooms

Advantages of digital imaging:

  1. Direct digital x-ray imaging saves time as images appear on-screen within seconds after the exposure and are immediately available for diagnosis anywhere in the practice network
  2. Imaging process is not sensitive to external factors like film based imaging. Since film, film processing and darkroom are no longer needed, the most common reasons for image retakes are eliminated.
  3. Digital images can be enhanced in imaging software. This brings new opportunities in diagnostics and allows adjustment of the image darkness and contrast if they are not optimal in the original image.
  4. Digital archives and networks enable efficient image communications. Electronic image copies are of original quality and thus the heghest qualtiy image is always available for diagnostics and consultation

The Planmeca Dimax digital imaging system is based on the latest CCD technology, providing digital radiographs of high diagnostic quality. A triple laser beam system accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.
Transtomography is a new digital imaging system developed by Planmeca. Transtomography uses multiple sweep method whereas the linear tomography uses one sweep. Transtomography combines the translation movement with an oscillation movement where the center of the rotation moves over the region of intrest. The layer thickness can be adjusted like in film based linear tomography. Due to the developed imaging method, the image of the anatomies are truthful and information maximized.


3. Digital Intra-Oral X-ray Machines

Our clinics uses intraoral x-ray machines from Aceton. The X-mind intraoral x-ray machines, famous for being bullet proof, is an intraoral unit that provides simple and fast slide x-rays that enables our dental specialists to make the proper diagnoses for our patients.

The Acteon intra-oral x-ray machine allows the reduction of a patient's exposure to radiation. Its microprocessor allows tooth type and patient size inputs to determine time values and control radiation dose reduction when using digital receptors. Its automatic time correction device corrects automatically the exposure time, according to the voltage oscillations in the electrical power source, keeping the radiation levels steady.

Digltal Small X-ray Machines

Dental assistance prepares and cleans intra-oral small xray unit after each use
Intra-oral small x-rays are digitalized at BIDC and is also immediately on screen in treatment rooms

The cutting edge patented ACE technology enables what no other X-ray system has been able to reach so far.This intraoral system has an exclusive advantage in that the X-Mind unity communicates with the ACE technology present in the sensor SOPIX inside. The latter analyzes in real time the amount of X-ray emission needed to enable perfect exposure of the image as well as patient dose reduction. The result is always an optimal image and until 50 % of saved radiation according to the patient morphology.


4. Digital Intra-Oral Film Processor

BIDC uses digital intra-oral film processors in developing its x-ray imaging plates:


The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner is an award winning image plate diagnostics unit that enables faster processing for dentists. BIDC uses this compact device for x -ray and scanning directly at the chairside with full flexibility in the image formats.

Thanks to PCS technology, Germany made VistaScan Mini from Germany can reliably resolve and show caries lesions down to minute details. The unit provides rapid image availability in just 6 seconds on in the direct vicinity of the patient. The thin, flexible image plates is also more pleasant and comfortable for the patient thanks to their special coating.

VistaScan Digital Processor

Dental assistant develops small digital x-rays without any chemical base. Using digitalized intra-oral x-rays and film, radiation dose exposure to patients is reduced to a mere 10% compared to conventional film x-ray. 

PSPix and Sopix

PSPIX is a new digital imaging plate system that is thin and flexible with an active area optimized to 100%. PSPix has four sizes of imaging plate with a automatic readout process of 4.3 sec.

Sopix is a digital x-ray system integrates the best of modern technology. The ACE technology is a Sopro exclusive process that makes it possible to control the amount of x-rays accumulated by the sensor. ACE technology, is integrated in all SOPIX series sensors. It analyzes in real time the amount of X-rays accumulated by the sensor and It freezes the image acquisition as soon as it received the radiation required to provide a good-quality image. Thus, It protects each image from overexposure. In order to improved patient comfort, the corners of the sensor are rounded for easier placement inside the mouth.

The integration of SOPIX inside sensor into the X-Mind unity intraoral X-ray system, combined with ACE technology, allows a unique worldwide communication. This exclusive solution now stops the X-Ray emission to minimize patient exposure. Now, the patient only receives the necessary dose adapted to their dental morphology. ACE technology reduces by up to 52% the patient’s dose compared to a standard exposure. Through the unique data transfer between SOPIX inside and X-Mind unity, the dose received by the patient is now traceable, a revolution for intraoral radiology.

Sopix combined with PSPIX the new Digital Imaging Plate System is designed to make intra oral imaging in the dental office easier and more efficient

PSPix & Sopix Digital Processor

PSPix reads digitalized imaging plates for instant readout on screen
SOPIX imaging sensors significantly reduces radiation exposure dosage